Live Lasagna: Get the Raw Taste of Italy!

Live Lasagna: Get the Raw Taste of Italy!

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A satiating Italian dish seems like something you’d save for an indulgent “cheat” day, but that certainly doesn’t have to be the case! Relish Chef Rich’s succulent gluten-free Live Lasagna, which will transport you to the romance of Italy as you take in all the wonderful enzymes and nutrients your body craves. Now that’s amore! Q: What makes this lasagna unique?
The fact that it's a raw entree that can still be served warm (because of the dehydrating) really sets it apart from a lot of other raw meals.
Q: When do you enjoy serving this dish?
The Live Lasagna is absolutely superb for a dinner party -- you will really impress your family and your guests!
Q: Are there any substitutions you can make in this recipe to cater to different tastes?
The truth is, the flavor is so awesome as it is I’d highly recommend sticking to this recipe. But, if you happen to prefer certain types of nuts over others, the only thing I'd recommend substituting would be trying some different nuts for the fillings. You could sub cashews for the macadamias in the ricotta cheese, pistachios for the pine nuts in the pesto, and pecans for the walnuts in the ground "meat."
Live Lasagna: Get the Raw Taste of Italy! quote Live Lasagna

With its ultra-high concentrations of nutrients across the board, Kale has been deemed King for quite some time now in the wellness world. But eating a plain salad over and over can get your taste buds less than excited. This Kale Caesar Salad adds in the magic of Chia Cornbread Croutons for a salad with an unexpected twist. We can’t think of a better companion to a juicy, hearty lasagna! Kale Caesar Salad with Chia Cornbread Croutons Recipe

Whether you’re looking for something sweet to round out your meal or a detoxifying breakfast on-the-go, try this amazingly refreshing green juice to surge your energy levels, bathe your body’s cells with live nutrients and help flush out those toxins! This drink is just 70 calories per cup. Rich's Lean Green Juice

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