Body Image: Learning to Love Your Body in All Stages of Life

Body Image: Learning to Love Your Body in All Stages of Life

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Body image is a concern for women of all ages, and these concerns can develop even more as a woman gets older. Many women are concerned about their appearance when their body starts to age and change, and they are grasping for ways to maintain a youthful appearance and good health.

What is Body Image?

Body image is a person’s perception of their physical appearance, and this perception can change in various stages of life. Most of the time, body image is associated with young girls and teenagers who are at a risk of developing eating disorders and other problems to conform to the unrealistic expectations of society. But, body image problems can impact older women as well. So, it is a good idea to stay proactive with your self-esteem so that you continue to feel good about your body.

Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty

Just because your physical body is changing, doesn't mean that you are no longer beautiful. Inner beauty has a strong impact on your personal value and the way other people see you. Older women can have inner beauty that can outshine the outward image. This inner beauty is especially powerful when accompanied with a spiritual relationship with God, through Jesus Christ which produces and image far greater than the external image.

Stay Positive about Your Body

Even if you are noticing seemingly undesirable changes, it is still important to focus on the positive traits that you have. It is easy to fall into the trap of only seeing the wrinkles, age spots, and flabby tummy, and these things can make you feel bad about yourself. Don’t criticize yourself for the changes that are occurring, because it is a natural and normal process as you age. Instead of letting yourself be consumed with the negative side of aging, focus on the things that your body does right. You can get out of bed every morning, you have strong legs to carry you throughout the day, and your eyes allow you to see the smiling faces of your family.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

One thing that you can do is maintain a healthy lifestyle, which can be beneficial to slow the signs of aging and keep you feeling great through menopause and other life changes that you will experience. A healthy diet is the foundation to maintaining a healthy body, and when you are practicing good health habits you will feel happier and more satisfied with your body image. Additionally, a healthy lifestyle helps you to avoid the weight gain that commonly occurs during menopause. Read Unravel the Mystery to learn more about dietary and daily health habits that you can incorporate to protect your health and wellness and prevent serious disease and illness. This book and recipes combo is designed to help women of all ages achieve higher levels of health and happiness. It is also important to use high quality supplements to support your overall health. For example, our Luminology line helps with hormone balancing and overall health and wellness; probiotics and enzymes can be beneficial for digestion. The easiest way to get started with good supplements is by choosing one of our Get Started Kits that has everything you will need for a healthier life.

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