The correct dose of iodine is essential for healthy glands.

Key Takeaways on the Importance of Iodine

The correct dose of iodine is essential for healthy glands.

By now, you understand that iodine sufficiency is essential for thyroid function. The key, positive characteristics say it all: It's an antiseptic, antibiotic, antifungal, antiviral germicide, among other virtues. But consumers have not always believed iodine was indeed beneficial. Proper doses of this element have always been necessary for a healthy body, but Kae-Thompson-Liu, our guest presenter for last week's webinar "How Sufficient Levels of Iodine can Help Support a Healthy Body," spoke of a flawed 1948 report that might've made you think otherwise.

Ignorance and a Flawed Report
The report stated that iodine was in fact harmful for the body and could shut down the thyroid. But how? With all of the perks of the element, why did it acquire a negative reputation?

The report by Wolff and Chaikoff indicated that amounts of iodine that were being used therapeutically at the time were actually causing a temporary shutdown of thyroid function (which was actually a good thing for hyperthyroid patients). Wolff later went on to say that "excess" iodine could actually cause goiters. This lead the medical community to think negatively about iodine and shift their attention more to the use of therapeutic thyroid hormone rather than iodine.

The flawed report stated the doctor was giving his patient 400 times the appropriate dose of iodine.The flawed report caused the doctors to abandon using iodine for whole body health. Only amounts necessary to produce thyroid hormone were then considered safe.

Thompson-Liu shared this information and stressed how important it is to stray away from this idea of iodine being so harmful.

"The bottom line is that we do need iodine," she said. "We need to get around this educational deficit, and the flawed and sometimes outright untrue (statements)."

Understanding the Benefits
Every cell in the body contains and uses iodine. It's necessary for over 3,300 processes in the body. It's not only essential for thyroid function. It's also critical for proper function of every gland, from the tear and saliva glands, to the sweat, lymph, pancreas, breast, ovarian and prostate glands.

Nascent Iodine: Why is it so Amazing?
You know that iodine is beneficial for your overall well-being, but what makes nascent iodine so special? For starters, nascent means it's in its atomic form rather its molecular. It has an electromagnetic charge that attracts bacteria, viruses and parasites.

"It has an electromagnetic charge that attracts bacteria, viruses and parasites."

Most products being consumed are iodine and potassium iodide. What's the problem? Each is a compound. That means it has to be taken to the digestive tract to be broken down so the body knows what to do with it. Unfortunately, the digestive enzymes in your system metabolize the components of iodide and turns them into iodate. That means only 20 percent - at most - of the iodine in those compounds will actually be used in the body. The other 80 percent is excreted, which is often the reason "health experts" claim that your intestines are iodine saturated, when they in fact aren't. This is why Nascent Iodine can get better effects while using less of it.

Hallelujah Diet Nascent Iodine is in the liquid form, which lets the body immediately recognize and use it. Because it's made from raw mineral crystals, not from sea plants, it is readily recognized by the body and absorbed. The Hallelujah Diet strives to provide the most organic, beneficial and efficient supplements available, and with Nascent Iodine, you can take in the element and fuel your body to work at its best.

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