Learn which foods and herbs can eliminate toxins from your body.

Key Takeaways From the "Foods and Herbs that Remove Toxins" Webinar

Stephanie Ray, ND, who is the CEO of BIORAY, the Natural Detox Company, shared her experience with detoxifying herbs and foods.
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Health and wellness are really simple—improve nutrition and remove toxicity. You probably have taken the positive steps of not smoking or drinking alcohol, but there are still numerous environmental pollutants getting into the body and rendering our systems toxic. How can you get rid of toxins that are inevitable in modern day living? Stephanie Ray, ND, who is the CEO of BIORAY, the Natural Detox Company, joined us for this month's webinar titled "Foods and Herbs that Remove Toxins" and shared her experience with beneficial herbs and vegetables in regard to detoxification. Her talk shows you how simple it is to reduce the toxin load in your body right now.

Living in a Toxic World
The problem is that we live in a toxic world. Heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides and mycotoxins are invading our atmosphere and making it difficult to breathe in true fresh air.

"Ninety-two percent of the population lives in pollution," Ray shared.

How exactly do these toxins get into our body? Heavy metals are found in the following everyday items:

  • Food
  • Drinking water
  • Silver tooth fillings
  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Vaccinations
  • Sunscreens and lotions
  • Cleaning products
  • Commercial laundry soap
  • Bug repellent
  • Lawn fertilizers

But with the right tools, you can rid your body of such chemicals and enjoy the benefits of detoxification such as improved memory, more natural energy, improved digestion, deeper sleep and balanced moods.

How do Toxins Impact Everyday Life?
According to Ray, toxins contribute to a multitude of daily struggles. Pollutants in the body can make you feel overwhelmed, forgetful, irrationally angry, anxious, and unmotivated. Additionally, toxins can cause a bad night's sleep, brain fog, difficulty concentrating, gut imbalances, low energy levels, food sensitivities, loss of vitality, menstrual symptoms and mood swings.

"Environmental toxins disrupt every system in the body," said Ray. "After touching a chemical, and only by touching even just the skin, in 26 seconds it can be found in every part of the body. When exposure is continual, we experience these symptoms."

PesticidesPesticides are one of the most common toxins harming the body.

Which Organ Needs the Most Support?
Did you know that liver function has a lot to do with the amount of anxiety, mood swings and frustrations you experience on a daily and weekly basis? The liver's largest responsibility is ridding the body of toxins like lactic acid, pesticides and heavy metals, so it's important to give it the fuel it needs to successfully cleanse your system. BIORAY Liver Life can nourish the liver and balance healthy body weight, promote restful sleep, reduce skin irritations, head pain and sensory issues. Its mix of ingredients are designed specifically for the liver to improve detox, nutrient absorption, food tolerance, metabolism and pH balance.

Beyond the Liver Life supplement, there are dozens of plant-based foods that support a healthy liver. Vegetables like arugula, bok choy, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, mustard greens, radish and watercress are excellent for optimal liver function. Dill, turmeric, cayenne and caraway seeds are great herbs to use while cooking for liver care.

Going After the Toxins Head-on
Immobilizing the toxins that have entered your body is key to reducing your risk for harm caused by pollutants. The BIORAY Natural Detox Factors (NDF) product removes toxic metals like lead, mercury, arsenic, uranium, thallium, cadmium, antimony and aluminum and eliminates chemicals and pesticides like lindane, dioxin, BPA, phthalates and PVC. It's formula is made with chlorella, cilantro and a blend of 11 different probiotics. Some of its benefits include improving memory, eliminating brain fog and enhancing psychological balance.

"BIORAY NDF removes toxic metals from the system."

Another beneficial product is BIORAY NDF Plus. This formula is designed specifically for those who may need a more gentle approach to detoxing, indicated by feeling like they're in constant need of a nap or have a difficult time assimilating foods after meals. It uses the same ingredients that BIORAY NDF includes to bind to chemicals and other toxins, but there's additional fermented herbs that provide naturally occurring fulvic acid which boosts the cells. Not only can this product help remove heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides from your system, but it can also inhibit excessive histamine response, improve cellular energy, boost immune function, enhance memory and improve environmental tolerance.

Shop Wisely
According to Ray, nearly 90 percent of all commercial grocery stores sell genetically modified foods. Not only is the modified DNA a problem, but GMO crops are also contaminated with much higher levels of toxic chemicals. That makes shopping wisely ideal if you want to reduce the amount of toxins that enter your body. Shopping at organic grocery stores is one way to lessen your risk. Additionally, buying produce from your local farmer's market is one of the safest and most efficient options as long as you know how your farmer treats the fruits and vegetables before they hit the market.

While it's unfortunate that we're constantly exposed to such harmful chemicals, God designed our bodies with incredible self-healing abilities so long as we fuel our systems properly. With a variety of organically grown fruits, vegetables and other plant-based foods, you can eliminate toxins naturally and improve your overall health and well-being.

Using BIORAY products can also help the detoxifying process. Created with specialized formulas and organic ingredients, NDF and NDF Plus are designed specifically to optimize your body's natural healing ability to detox and support itself. Learn more about how you can replenish your system and live life to the fullest with NDF and NDF Plus today.

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