Discover all there is to know about the importance of juicing.

Key Takeaways from 'Juicing - The Secret to Ultimate Health'

Discover all there is to know about the importance of juicing.
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Juicing has been a key element of the Hallelujah Diet throughout its entire 25 years and continues to be a foundational aspect today. In fact, Rev. George Malkmus rid himself of cancer by juicing and following the primarily raw plant-based Genesis 1:29 diet. This month, we put together an informative webinar 'Juicing - The Secret to Ultimate Health' hosted by our very own Chief of Education, Ann Malkmus.

In case you missed any of the insightful presentation, here are the key takeaways from last week's live webinar:

Blending v. Juicing
In today's ever-growing health conscious market, there are new products advertised daily. As Ann explained, though juicing has become popularized, there are some companies portraying blenders in a similar light as juicers. While marketing may be selling a blender that can perform all the same tricks and produce the same results as a blender, it's just not the same.

"The truth of the matter is that there are two different experiences here," said Ann. "One of them is juicing, one of them is blending."

Blenders typically make smoothies, by blending whole fruits and vegetables. Though the fiber is continuously broken down in the blending process, it is still there when the smoothie is poured into a glass. With a juicer however, the liquid content of whole foods is extracted and the fiber is then discarded. As Ann explained, though fiber is important, it is not the objective of juicing. On the Hallelujah Diet, the juice is to be consumed alone and the fiber is to be consumed later.

The importance of understanding the difference between juicing and blending, as well as the distinction between the blender and the juicer, was a key point that Ann wanted viewers to take away.

Juicing can give you a burst of energy, fueling you for the day.

The Benefits of Juicing
The next question of course, is which is better, juicing or blending? Ann began by explaining the various advantages of juicing. First, this process provides our bodies with nutrients so concentrated, they can immediately nourish and fuel our cells. This is great because our bodies are constantly wearing themselves down and as such, in order for us to create brand-new cells we have to continuously nourish them, said Ann.

Using the metaphor of trying to drive your car without gasoline, she emphasized the importance of constantly providing our bodies with nutrition so that it can rebuild cell by cell. Another advantage of juicing is that it doesn't take a lot of energy for your body to process and assimilate the juicing, giving the rest of your body a break. Moreover, for individuals with digestive distress, heartburn or weak digestive tracks, fresh juices are a great benefit.

The Importance of Juicing Vegetables
Juicing vegetables - not fruits - is very important, every day. It's better to eat your fruits and juice your vegetables, as our experts at Hallelujah Diet will tell you. One reason to juice vegetables is because they provide enzymes, which are essential for digesting food and acting as a catalyst for the chemical reactions our bodies need to live. They help to repair and restore our tissues, stimulate the brain and provide energy for our cells.

"Your cells are like sponges," said Ann. "But we want to make sure those sponges are filled with the right kind of nutrients."

Juices are essentially a liquid multi-vitamin, explained Ann. It's one of the simplest ways to get your 10 plus servings of vegetables each day. Juicing also helps your body hold on to its supply of digestive enzymes as digesting juice doesn't require extensive energy.

Another great reason to juice is because of quick absorption. When you drink your juice, the nutrients get into your cells quickly since the fiber has been removed. All the vitamins and minerals you need can come from juicing. The vegetables you choose to use can provide you with all of the essential trace vitamins, ones that you could never get from a multi-vitamin pill. For example:

  • Juicing carrots provide you with beta carotene.
  • Green juicing gives you potassium.
  • Juicing celery can provide you with sodium.

When you juice, on a consistent, regular basis, your body is healing from the inside out. As a result, your skin will begin to glow.

"If you want to have that glow, that inner look of peace, tranquility and health, I'll tell you what," said Ann. "You will save a lot of money doing this rather than going to those places where you'll spend a lot of money on a temporary glow. This one is a lot more permanent."

In today's culture, nearly every social media article and television or magazine advertisement is offering some sort of detox or cleanse. Often, these are not only expensive, but heavily involved and include extreme measures. For a cleanse and detoxification that actually works, one that is not painful, use juicing. The raw juice that you consume can actually cleanse your body from within, in the proper way. Best of all, it improves your immune system. Juicing gives your cells the time to repair themselves and detoxify so that the can regain strength to help better fight disease and infection.

Many people wonder which kind of juicer to get. The type of juicer that you have will play a role in how many enzymes are lost during the process. It's important not to be discouraged even if your machine isn't the highest quality, but you can also browse our selection of recommended juicers. If you have a juicer, you just need to use it - take it out, dust it off and start juicing!

For more tips on making the perfect juices, finding the best recipe books and purchasing your first - or third - juicer, watch our video: Juicing - The Secret to Ultimate Health Webinar. You may also enjoy listening to real juicing testimonies and the answers to webinar attendee questions.

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Meal Prep Monday: 4 Tips for Succeeding on the Hallelujah Diet

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