Scott Laird, ND, took the time to share some of his favorite secrets, or what he sometimes likes to call “hacks,” that he truly believes can change your overall well-being for the better!

Have You Read '15 Health Secrets That Will Change Your Life' Yet?

Scott Laird, ND, took the time to share some of his favorite secrets, or what he sometimes likes to call “hacks,” that he truly believes can change your overall well-being for the better!
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They say the secret to life is finding what makes you happy and letting that lead you throughout your days. You know that happiness can't be achieved if your overall health is in jeopardy, so perhaps the real secret to life is finding simple ways to naturally fuel your body for mental, physical and emotional wellness. This month's webinar, "15 Health Secrets That Will Change Your Life," was presented by Scott Laird, a naturopathic doctor who has worked with Hallelujah Acres for years. He took the time to share some of his favorite secrets, or what he sometimes likes to call "hacks," that he truly believes can change your overall well-being for the better! 1. Refined sea salt and unrefined sea salt have opposite effects While refined sea salt can increase one's blood pressure, natural or unrefined sea salt with adequate water intake can actually help to normalize blood pressure. "Unrefined sea salt can contain 80 trace elements," according to Laird. "And they help the body metabolize the sodium chloride that does exist in natural sea salt." 2. You should never eat pizza after sun exposure Anything with wheat in it should not be consumed after sun exposure, according to Laid. Sunburn takes all of the vitamin F from your body. Unfortunately, wheat absorption requires vitamin F as well, and a wheat allergy can result if the body doesn't have more of the essential fatty acids. 3. You can boost testosterone without medication There are a multiple natural ways to boost testosterone, no medication needed. Laird highly recommends exercising before eating, as it rejuvenates brain and muscle, increases antioxidants, helps with detoxification and boosts insulin sensitivity.
Exercising before eating is a natural way to boost testosterone.Exercising before eating is a natural way to boost testosterone.
4. Hydrogenated oils are unnatural Hydrogenated oil starts as polyunsaturated fat. Manufacturers pump hydrogen gas into the oil, which forces hydrogen to bond with carbon that forms an unnatural fat. The body gets confused when this happens, sending it to strange places and causing fat cells to swell. 5. Gluten impacts the body's ability to absorb nutrients Cross-breeding in wheat has accidently increased all gluten content in foods exponentially over time. Gluten glues down nutrition receptors in the body, trapping them. This makes it difficult for the body to absorb nutrients, whether you're intolerant or not. 6. Blending gets the most nutrition from your food By blending smoothies and salads, you're breaking open the cells from your fruits and vegetables and releasing more nutrients than chewing can. Not only does this maximize nutrient absorption, but it also curbs your appetite and makes it easier to digest the foods. 7. Never bathe with soap after sun exposure Bathing after being out the sun washes away the oils on the skin that are irradiated by the sun's UV rays. These vital oils sink into the skin over a day or so, fueling you with vitamin D. Laird suggested waiting a full 24 hours before bathing to properly absorb the vitamin. 8. Overcome obesity by restoring leptin sensitivity Leptin is a hormone created by fat cells that tells your brain to stop eating and turn on your metabolism. With poor dietary choices, your body becomes leptin-resistant. By following a primarily raw, plant-based diet, you can restore your leptin hormones and boost your metabolism. 9. Nutrition controls genetic expression It's common to assume you're more likely to experience a condition based on your genes, but this isn't true. Genetic predisposition doesn't mean you develop a disease - your diet and other lifestyle choices determine the outcome. 10. Your eyes reveal your state of health Laird refers to your eyes as the health map of your entire body. "Every area of your eye, much like the nerve endings in your feet, are directly related to a part of your body," he said. "By observing the eye through the science of iridology, we can tell whether there's been trauma or if there's a problem with any particular part of the body." Dark areas can indicate health issues, and once cleared up indicate that the issues were resolved.
Your eyes can reveal your overall health.Your eyes can reveal your overall health.
11. The best time to consume juice is on an empty stomach The body has to break down foods before the nutrients can be assimilated into your bloodstream. By drinking juice on an empty stomach, the body takes the juice and shoves it immediately into to the blood stream. This maximizes nutrition absorption, working quite like a multivitamin. 12. The secret to anti-aging is healthy cells Poor nutrition leads to early aging. Neglecting to improve your diet leads to a standstill. By switching to a living diet, you'll notice anti-aging effects. Your cells get stronger and repair the DNA that leads to anti-aging benefits. 13. MSG has many aliases MSG is an isolated compound that the body cannot handle properly. Unfortunately, it lives under many aliases that may be found on product labels. Keep an out for the following names: hydrolyzed (anything), sodium caseinate, aginomoto, autolyzed yeast extract, soy protein extract, natural meat tenderizer, (anything) glutamate, soy protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, whey protein, whey protein isolate, natural flavor. 14. Dairy doesn't provide calcium - it steals it Dairy is acidic, and the body is alkaline. When dairy is consumed, the calcium is used to neutralize acid but then searches for more calcium in the body, thus taking it from the bones. 15. Research findings aren't always what they seem Pay attention to the number of people involved in a trial, and whether or not researchers detail the absolute benefit or relative benefit of the results. This can present a biased opinion that doesn't prioritize making a final, objective conclusion. Laird ended his presentation with a line from scripture. Take the time to navigate through the difficulties life presents to optimize your overall health and well-being. Matthew 7:14 - "Narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it."

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