Keeping Arteries Healthy

Keeping Arteries Healthy

The following article titled “Keeping Arteries Healthy” was in the May 2015 issue of Dr. David Brownstein, M.D. newsletter, Natural Way to Health. Exerpts from the article follow:
“Atherosclerosis results from damage to the endothelial lining in the arteries, which can be caused by deficiencies of certain nutrients, particularly vitamin C, as well as an infection such as Chlamydia. “The body’s first response to a damaged endothelium is to put a ‘band aid’ around it. Cholesterol is sent to the site to try to repair the damage. Therefore, blaming cholesterol for causing heart disease is similar to blaming firemen for house fires. “We all develop some degree of atherosclerosis in our arteries as we age. The key is to keep the arteries healthy. This can be accomplished by eating a healthy (vegetarian) diet, maintaining hydration, and ensuring adequate nutrient levels such as vitamin C and iodine. “Studies have found both vitamin C and iodine can help prevent and treat atherosclerosis.”

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