Karen Portz

Karen Portz

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I was living with my sister and her family in 2012 at which time she was diagnosed with cancer. Although she tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle (not the Hallelujah diet) she had four months left after her diagnosis. What I know now could have possibly changed the situation. The month she was diagnosed, I noticed I had some issues myself. After much pain one year later I had a tumor removed. This started my journey to seek out why this happened to me and prevention methods.

I don’t remember how I stumbled onto Hallelujah lifestyle but I was so amazed at how the information was presented and all the testimonies. I did the 60 day diet challenge and found that to be so easy to follow. I looked forward to each day.

I want to learn even more and pass this information onto my clients (I am a myofascial release therapist).

Currently, I do refrain from meat, milk, white breads, etc. I noticed if I follow closely the diet, weight can come off easily. Although I still have some sweets, the craving that use to be there is not as strong as it once was. I am slowly achieving my goal of good nutrition and am happy to say I am nowhere I use to be. Hallelujah!!

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