Does Juicing Really Help With Cancer Prevention and Treatment?

Does Juicing Really Help With Cancer Prevention and Treatment?

Nutrition is a critical factor that impacts overall health, and researchers have found that low nutrition levels can lead to serious illnesses and disease. The problem is that many people eat a diet high in calories and low in vitamins and minerals. Even though people are consuming a lot of calories, their bodies are lacking the essential vitamins and minerals that are needed to maintain good health. Juicing is the "secret sauce" to optimal health, because it supercharges your nutrition intake and provides the perfect environment for your body to heal. Whether you are healing from cancer or focusing on preventative measures, juicing should be an integral part of your daily habits.

Fresh Vegetable Juice is Loaded With Nutrients

If you want to boost your health, then you need to increase the amount of vitamins and minerals that you are consuming each day. For best results, skip the multi-vitamins at the grocery store and consume an abundance of fruits and vegetables instead. Most multivitamins are made with synthetic vitamins, and they are lacking the synergistic benefits that can be gained from fresh fruits and vegetables. One of the most effective ways to boost your nutrient intake is by drinking fresh vegetable juice. If you drink a glass of fresh carrot juice, 90% of those nutrients are readily available for your cells. On the other hand, eating a raw carrot means that only 30% of the nutrients are available for your cells, because the body must break down the food in order to separate the nutrients from the fiber.

Juicing Helps With Detoxification

When you drink fresh vegetable juice, is it very beneficial for detoxification purposes. Since cancer and many other health problems are directly associated with toxin overload, you can reduce your risk of these health problems by reducing the toxins in your body. Juicing provides your body with many enzymes which are beneficial for detoxification, because the enzymes are used to get rid of diseased cells and build healthy cells as replacements. This continuous process of cell growth and rebuilding is a key step to helping your body decrease the toxic load and overcome illness and disease.

Juicing Provides Immediate Nutrition to Your Cells

After you drink a glass of fresh vegetable juice, the nutrients are readily available for your cells. Within a matter of minutes, the cells can start using the beneficial nutrients because the body's digestive system doesn't need to work to extract the nutrients from the fiber content. This nutrition boost helps to supercharge your immune system, so that your body can work more effectively to rebuild and repair in order to overcome disease.

Juicing Recipes for Cancer Healing and Prevention

A general rule of thumb is to choose at least 2 types of leafy greens, and 3 different vegetables in your juicing recipe. If you are healing from cancer, it is best to avoid fruit juice because cancer feeds on sugars. But, some people have a hard time drinking the juice because it isn't sweet enough, so you can add a Granny Smith apple if necessary. At least one of those vegetables should be carrots, and it is best to buy organic produce if possible because organic produce contains higher levels of nutrition. Juicing helps to increase energy levels and support the body in the healing process. You can find detailed juicing recipes in our book Unravel the Mystery: Simple, Effective Nutritious Recipes to Fight Cancer.

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