Juice Fasting

Juice Fasting

We are so excited! We just recently returned from a visit to a Detox Center in Massachusetts. We were on a modified 7-day juice cleanse, which included freshly extracted vegetable juices as well as vegetable broths and pureed vegetable soup. Additional whole food supplements were added throughout the day and we also participated in light exercise as well as other detoxification methods. All in all, it was an excellent “cleansing” experience all the way around.

We felt so great when we returned home that we have agreed that each week we will devote one day and possibly more to juicing, broth, soups, or smoothies. We felt so energized, we had lost a few pounds and some of our aches and pains disappeared. It was good to rid the body of some unwanted toxins. Our digestive system was given the break it needed so the rest of the body was able to get the attention to mend a few things and restore a few others. We were never “starving” although there were a few times at the end where even chewing on a piece of celery sounded appealing. Experiencing this fast with each other proved to be quite beneficial for a number of reasons: First, when one of us got a bit discouraged, the other was quick to give an uplifting word to help get over that moment. Second, we experienced very little true discomfort, but since colonics can be a bit awkward, we could share with each other our experiences and feel reassured it wasn’t too abnormal. Finally, since we were able to complete it, we knew that we should continue this each week after we returned home. We would love it if you would join us on this once a week journey to relieve our digestive systems of their duties. We choose Mondays as our day to feast on juices or broth or smoothies. If another day suits you better, then by all means choose the day that fits your schedule. We will let you know how we are feeling, what juices, broths or smoothies we chose to consume and we want to hear from you as well. We believe in the power of juicing. We also see the value in smoothies. The liquid vegetable broth is also a powerful way to satiate while still consuming nutrients. It is easy to make and will keep in the refrigerator for a few days. If you don’t feel like drinking water, this broth is an excellent, flavorful addition for that one-day of fasting from solids. Join us and find out for yourself how a one day juice cleanse each week will transform your health with vast improvements and greater stamina and vitality. We look forward to hearing from you each week as we all share how our bodies are experiencing this next level of health.

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