It’s Important to Drink Plenty of Purified Water with Restoring Nutrients—Every Day

It’s Important to Drink Plenty of Purified Water with Restoring Nutrients—Every Day

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Water makes up about 60% of the average adult’s body weight and the percentage is even higher for children. In the body, water becomes the fluid in which all life processes occur. The fluid:
  • Carries nutrients throughout the body and nourishes the cells
  • Eliminates toxins and waste products
  • Maintains the structure of large molecules including proteins
  • Participates in vital chemical reactions
  • Serves as the solvent for minerals, vitamins, amino acids, glucose and many other small molecules
  • Provides a lubricant and cushion around the joints and inside the eyes and spinal cord
  • Protects organs by providing a cushion between them
  • Surrounds the fetus in the amniotic sac during pregnancy
  • Helps to regulate body temperature
  • Maintains blood volume
But water isn’t just important; it’s essential; we simply can’t live without it.
How much water do we need and why?
The optimal intake of water varies depending on many factors including one’s diet, activity, environmental temperatures and humidity. Bear in mind that we lose about two cups daily through urine and another 2 ½ quarts through sweat, water loss through the lungs as vapor and in the feces. That’s three quarts of daily water loss. Here are some guidelines:
  • Under average environmental conditions, an individual who expends roughly 2,000 calories daily needs two to three quarts (seven to 11 cups) of water daily
  • Another rule of thumb: ½ ounce of high quality fluid per pound of body weight
What can happen if we don’t get enough water? Besides being thirsty, we can experience weakness and even exhaustion. If we lose too much water, blood volume and blood pressure fall. The more water the body needs, the less the kidneys excrete; when this happens, we retain more sodium, blood vessels are constricted and blood pressure rises.
What are the best sources of the water we need?
With normal metabolism, we generally replace 2 ½ of the three quarts of water we lose on average daily. But most of us still need two to three quarts of water daily. Here are the best ways to get it:
  • The highest quality water comes from raw fruits and vegetables, which are composed of up to 90% water. Raw fruits and vegetables are also great sources of the living nutrients we need to optimize health at the all-important cellular level. In fact, this is a core principle of the plant-based and scientifically Hallelujah Diet, which unlocks the body’s God-given self-healing powers.
  • Additionally, Hallelujah Diet recommends distilled water, the purest water, for additional fluid intake.
Why should we purify our water?
Typical tap water typically contains one or more of the following chemicals:
  • Fluoride—highly toxic
  • Chlorine—doesn’t eliminate all dangerous bacteria; also studies have shown that when chlorine mixes with organic matter in water, it forms Trihalomethanes (THMs), including chloroform; THMs increase production of free radicals and are highly carcinogenic; in addition to cancer, chlorine and THMs have been linked to kidney and liver damage, nervous system disorders and hardening of the arteries
  • Halogens that displace iodine—important for proper thyroid function
  • Calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide
  • Heavy metals, sulfates and nitrates
So it’s a good idea to filter out unhealthy microorganisms that may survive the chlorine in our water that is designed to kill them, while also filtering out the potentially dangerous chlorine and other chemicals as well. One way to do this is with a high quality water distiller that distills plenty of water quickly and is easy to use. A good distiller can quickly pay for itself compared to buying bottled water, and a distiller is far more environmentally friendly because those plastic bottles can end up in landfills and our waterways.
Why do we need to restore the nutrients?
When we purify water with a distiller, we not only remove harmful microorganisms and chemicals, but difficult to absorb nutrients as well. After conducting extensive testing, Hallelujah Diet Research Director Michael Donaldson, Ph.D., concluded that the HD product HydroBoost:
  • Alkalizes water
  • Significantly improves essential mineral content in amounts and forms that benefit the body
  • Improves ability of water to boost hydration to the cells
HydroBoost boosts nutrition with more than 70 ionic minerals and trace elements and enhances protection against free radicals that can trigger cancer. So you can get plenty of purified water by using Hallelujah Diet’s recommended water distiller and fortify the pure distilled water with minerals the body can utilize with HydroBoost. Water is important and we want pure water flowing with the nutrition our body needs for optimal health.

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