Is ObamaCare The Same As The Affordable Care Act?

Is ObamaCare The Same As The Affordable Care Act?

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“Dear Dr. Malkmus, I have been a friend and consumer of Hallelujah Acres products for many years. Please fill me in on the Affordable Care Act in your poll question. Is this the same as ObamaCare? I know ObamaCare goes into effect soon. I am a senior citizen and am very concerned about the effect this new law will have upon me and my health care. Please help me!” ~ Peggy F.
Rev. Malkmus Responds
“Dear Peggy, Yes, ‘ObamaCare’ as the press and most others refer to it, is synonymous with ‘The Affordable Care Act’. The only reason I have referred to it as ‘The Affordable Care Act’ in my poll questions is because some are offended if President Obama’s name is attached to it. It’s too bad many do not realize they are one and the same. In your letter you also expressed concern as to how this new law would affect you and your health. In the following article I will try and briefly share some of the reasons for concern, not only for you, but every American, regardless of whether they are rich or poor, democrat or republican, in good health or poor health. Also I will touch on how this new law will affect your pocketbook. For the sake of clarity in this article I will refer to this law as ‘ObamaCare’ as it is being referred to by most in congress and the press today.”

The Reason For ObamaCare

The reason for ObamaCare is because the American people are SICK! If there was no sickness there would be no need for health insurance, ‘The Affordable Care Act’, or ‘ObamaCare’! The one exception is the case of accidents, in which the medical community's treatments are needed and appreciated. The whole approach to sickness for the past 100-plus years has been a symptomatic one: "What is your symptom? Here is a drug for that particular symptom." This is a completely wrong approach! Rather than dealing with the symptom and administering a toxic drug to relieve the symptom, we should have been looking for the cause of the problem. Every symptom has a cause! When the cause is sought and the cause is removed, the symptom in most instances simply goes away, and there is no need for the toxic drug to reduce the symptom or for any form of Health Insurance. Sadly, these toxic drugs, often create new problem for which additional toxic drugs are given and the person goes on a merry-go-round as everyone tries to get rid of the symptom.

The Reason For Sickness

Every sickness has a cause, and the cause of most sicknesses is the wrong fuel (the wrong diet and lifestyle)! God designed our physical bodies to run on Genesis 1:29 fuel – 100% plant-source foods coming from the garden. When we eat exclusively garden foods, we rarely get sick. But when we go outside the garden to obtain the fuel for our body we get sick. Rich or poor, most people in our present society are sick to a greater or lesser degree because they are fueling their bodies with the wrong foods.

The Solution to Sickness

If we stopped putting the wrong foods into our body, and began fueling our bodies with the living plant source foods God designed our physical body’s to be fueled with, sickness would almost completely disappear and there would be no need for ObamaCare or any other type of national health insurance program. Instead of forcing all citizens to pay for the health care of those who don’t take care of their bodies, eat the wrong foods, and get sick, wouldn’t it be a much better use of the money being spent (and considerably less expensive) if health care money was spent on informing people that they are in control of their own health! Whether we get sick or not, whether we are well or unwell, is up to us – not government! Wouldn’t it be better to promote a simple diet and lifestyle change that can prevent sickness from ever occurring in the first place or correct almost every physical problem that already exists?

Is Health Insurance The Answer?

If everyone in the United States had ObamaCare, would the health of the American people be any better than it is today? That is the question that should be asked and answered – not whether everyone has some insurance company or the government paying the costs for when they get sick. ObamaCare Costs According to so many of the reports, ObamaCare, if it is fully enacted, has the potential to bankrupt the nation! You simply cannot pay for the health care costs of every citizen whether they take care of their body or not, whether they smoke or not, whether they drink alcohol or not, whether they use drugs or not, whether they are sexually active or not! Why in the world should those who take care of their bodies and nourish their bodies so that they personally are never sick, pay for the indiscretions of those who do not take care of their own bodies? There should be financial incentives for people who take care of their own health and penalties for those who do not! With ObamaCare there is no incentive to live a clean, disease free, and healthy life!

Here Is The Real Cost of ObamaCare

Higher Premiums - Billions in new taxes and fees will be imposed on health insurers and companies to pay for ObamaCare - costs which would be passed on to the consumer through higher premiums. Higher Taxes - Government cannot provide free or subsidized care for someone without taking money from someone else - and that someone else may be you. The Wall Street Journal puts it bluntly: ObamaCare will be paid for with "huge tax increases." How huge? According to Jeffrey H. Anderson, PhD, Senior Fellow of Health Care Studies at the Pacific Research Institute, one ObamaCare proposal would "raise taxes by $2.3 trillion" over the next two decades. Yes, trillion. Lower Wages/Fewer Jobs - New taxes and fees imposed on businesses by ObamaCare would "discourage companies from hiring or continuing to employ low-income and moderate-income workers," according to the Heritage Foundation. And it won't just be low-income workers who see a smaller paycheck - according to FORTUNE magazine's Shawn Tully; ObamaCare would lead to "a steep, shocking decrease" in the incomes of middle-class workers. Standard of Living - The massive government spending required to finance national health care would explode the federal deficit with ruinous consequences for every American's standard of living. According to the Congressional Budget Office, "Large budget deficits would reduce national saving, leading to more borrowing from abroad and less domestic investment, which in turn would depress income growth in the United States. Over time, the accumulation of debt would seriously harm the economy." Medicare Benefits – ObamaCare would pay for itself, in part, with hundreds of billions of dollars in cuts to Medicare and Medicare Advantage. But the Congressional Budget Office warns that cuts to Medicare Advantage "could lead many plans to limit the benefits they offer, raise their premiums, or withdraw from the program," devastating seniors' health care options. The Wall Street Journal confirms, "cuts in Medicare's price controls will cause many doctors to quit the program." Deductibles – There are three plans being offered, each with the amount of a deductible you will pay as an individual or a family before the insurance starts to pay. They are known as the Bronze, Silver, and Gold. I’ll just give the deductibles for the cheapest plan: If you buy a bronze plan (the cheapest available for anyone 30 and older) you’ll have a $3,250 deductible for individual coverage; it’s $6,500 for family coverage. Once you spend that much on medical care, including medication, you’ll still have to pay 40% of the cost for many services, including visits to specialists, outpatient hospital services, emergency room visits and lab work. You’ll also have to pay 40 percent of the cost of non-generic drugs. But each customer’s out-of-pocket costs will be capped at $6,250, or $12,500 for a family plan. Privacy – ObamaCare regulations would result in a larger, more powerful IRS, and ensure that more of your personal information is shared with more people. They are hiring over 20,000 additional IRS workers to enforce ObamaCare. According to the Washington Examiner's Byron York, ObamaCare would mean "an expanded and more intrusive IRS," which would be empowered to target and punish violators of the new law. Additionally, an ObamaCare tax on employers would necessitate your boss knowing your family's entire income from all sources, information which would then be shared with the insurance company. Your Freedom - ObamaCare would require, under threat of penalty, every American to have insurance, fundamentally altering the relationship between citizen and state. As the CBO puts it, ObamaCare "would establish a requirement for to obtain insurance and would in many cases impose a financial penalty on people who did not do so." So much for the 'land of the FREE.' ObamaCare won't save us money, nationally or individually. Instead, it will increase insurance premiums, raise taxes, depress wages, siphon jobs, explode the deficit, reduce our living standard, rob us of privacy and erode our personal liberty. Is this the kind of "free" care we can afford?

What The People Want

Those who took part in my poll question that I have been running for the past two months in this Health Blog produced the following results Have you changed your mind about the Affordable Care Act? o Was against it and still against it. (88%, 871 Votes) o Was for it and still for it. (8%, 77 Votes) o No opinion. (2%, 19 Votes) o Was for it and now against it. (2%, 17 Votes) o Was against it and now for it. (0%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 989

A recent Fox News poll revealed that 85% of those taking the poll wanted ObamaCare repealed. Other polls reveal that well over 60% of the American people do not want ObamaCare. Will our legislators listen to the people — the majority who want health freedom — or will they be more influenced by their political persuasion?

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