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Food, in all its forms, contains stored energy in the form of organic molecules. These molecules can be categorized into three groups: fat, protein and carbohydrate. Unfortunately, the Standard American Diet (SAD) of fatty meats, refined sugars, and processed ingredients strips away any nutrients the original molecules may have had. This means these foods lack the natural, energizing nutrients the body needs. Whole, plant-based foods, which include grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables, retain these molecules in their natural form. When left unaltered, whole foods retain their nutrients and enzymes. These are the ingredients our bodies need most to function at their best. Easing you into a whole foods lifestyle is what our Hallelujah Diet Get Started Kit is all about.

The Hallelujah Diet Get Started Kit

If you’re already familiar with the Hallelujah Diet, you may already know that our Get Started Kit is based on the same healthy meal plan. The underlying principle behind HD comes from Genesis 1:29: “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.” There’s a reason why our Creator gave us plants for food. Plant-based foods still contain the “living” nutrients needed to support the living cells of the human body. Refined, processed, and most cooked foods have been stripped of these “living” nutrients. Not only that, the additives and pesticides contained in our food supplies have toxic effects on the human body, which only adds insult to injury. A plant-based diet naturally feeds the body’s cells and increases your energy levels while cleaning out the toxins left behind from years of eating unhealthy foods.

What is in the Get Started Kit?

Here are the components that make up our Get Started Kit:

Fiber Cleanse

A lack of fiber in your daily diet leaves the door wide open for serious medical problems, such as heart disease and chronic inflammation to develop. Fiber acts as a natural cleaner in the body’s digestive and circulatory systems, which both affect your energy level. Fiber Cleanse delivers a full-body detoxification, clearing out the colon and reducing levels of bad cholesterol in the bloodstream. Since fiber-rich materials also give the body the feeling of being full, this component of Our Get Started Kit can help with weight loss and weight management in general.

BarleyMax Superior All-Natural Nutrition

The Hallelujah Diet Getting Started Kit does just what the name says: getting started with a diet of good food and good nutrition, and BarleyMax does just that. BarleyMax is a nutrient-dense, broad-spectrum living food drink that’s designed to boost the body’s nutrient levels in a big way. This broad-spectrum living food product consists of a special blend of organic barley grass juice and alfalfa juice using a special proprietary process. Unlike the mineral-stripped soil base used to grow nonorganic fruits and vegetables, our process grows and cultivates these plants in mineral-rich soil at temperatures that promote healthy enzyme activity. These conditions help maintain the natural nutrients contained inside the plant. BarleyMax offers a range of health benefits, all of which help to increase your energy levels. Here are just a few:
  • Supports balanced blood sugar levels which gives you energy throughout the day
  • Promotes healthy blood circulation
  • Promotes healthy digestion and elimination processes
  • Helps with weight management
  • Strengthens the immune system

Supplement Materials

In addition to BarleyMax and Fiber Cleanse, our Get Started Kit includes easy weekly meal plans with 28 days of recipes for full-course meals based on the Hallelujah Diet plan. Also included is a Getting Started on the Hallelujah Diet DVD Set. You’ll receive two DVDs that feature Paul Malkmus, CEO of Hallelujah Diet, and his wife Ann Malkmus demonstrating how they work the Hallelujah Diet into their hectic lifestyles.

Tips on How to Make the Most of Our Get Started Kit

The Get Started Kit provides step-by-step instructions on how to transition over to the Hallelujah Diet. Here are a couple of pointers to keep in mind:
  • You’re working toward a meal plan that’s made up of 85 percent raw food and 15 percent cooked—all plant-based foods.
  • Eliminate animal fats from your daily intake as quickly as you can.
  • Eat a large salad with every meal (in smoothie form for breakfast).

In 28 days, you can expect to feel the difference that eating a healthy diet makes. The boost in energy levels, improved mood, and mental clarity will make you feel like a new person. When you give the body the food it needs to thrive, your quality of life naturally improves along the way.

Today’s fast-paced lifestyles can easily push the body’s health to the limit. While it’s easy to blame low energy levels on a hectic schedule, the quality of foods you eat determines what your available energy reserves will be. The Hallelujah Diet Get Started Kit is designed to help you ease into a healthy eating lifestyle while increasing your energy like never before.

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