Immunotherapy: Using the Body To Fight Cancer

Immunotherapy: Using the Body To Fight Cancer

This is so cool on so many levels! A man whose cancer was unresponsive to both radiation and chemotherapy finally got results after doctors suggested a new therapy that used his own immune system to fight the cancer. Imagine that! Reports like this are few and far between, but when a news story comes by that even gives hints of modern oncology using the body's natural defenses to fight cancer, we get excited!

Sure, this immunotherapy used a drug to give the man's immune system an upper hand... but still, they're using the immune system! More importantly, they're using the immune system to do what chemo and radiation couldn't — to help the body heal itself! You know that drug companies are going to jump on this one. Any drug that boosts the immune system (and takes all the credit for the immune system's self-healing) is going to be easy money. Big money. In fact, just this week, an Israeli biotech company announced that it is teaming up with the Bayer drug company to "find new antibody-based cancer immunotherapies." Bayer's head of drug development said, "Antibody-based immunotherapies are promising approaches in oncology which can stimulate the body's own immune cells to fight cancer cells." True. But here's a better idea...

How about equipping the body to do its own antibody-based immunotherapies by switching to a plant-based diet, taking a few helpful supplements like BarleyMax, and exercising — so that the body can beat cancer all by itself! Studies and experimental cancer therapies like the one mentioned above, ironically, are already proving that the body itself is the best remedy for cancer.

Think about it. The new drugs being developed simply piggyback on the body's own abilities. Without an immune system to depend on, they won't work. And therein lies the whole point. The immune system, even if partially weakened by other therapies, can still heal the body if boosted with the help of a drug. And if a damaged immune system can do that, imagine what a healthy immune system can do... It can heal itself — WITHOUT the drug! Once people starting putting the logic together, the more appealing immune-based therapy is going to look. And in turn, more and more people will realize that the true key to healing lies within their own bodies.

So, while the drug companies capitalize on trendy immunotherapy, we'll keep promoting the fact that a healthy immune system can do it all by itself. Very soon, a lot of people are going to catch on... just like you have!

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