"I'm 67. Can I still build muscle?"

"I'm 67. Can I still build muscle?"

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Today's testimonies contain a few short letters along with a longer one from a 67-year-old reader who wants to know how to grow muscles in later life...
“Thank you Dr. Malkmus for changing my life! I adopted the Hallelujah Diet eight years ago and it saved my life!” ~ Margaret G.
“Dear Dr. Malkmus, I am so grateful to God for using you to open my eyes to this wonderful diet. I have read your book, the Hallelujah Diet, two times. Thank you sir.” ~ Emmanuel S., Nigeria, Africa
“Dear George, The moment I saw your video 14 years ago, I knew it was truth and I changed my diet and that of my husband’s to the Hallelujah Diet with incredible results.” ~ Betsy, Shelby, North Carolina
“Hello Rev. Malkmus! I have a question. Since I am now 67 years old, how can I put on muscle? I have been an athlete all of my life up until 2 years ago when after 7 years of annoying discomfort in my hip it finally slowed me down. Consequently, I have gone from water skiing, snow skiing, dancing, running, weight training, cycling, to very little activity and a lot of pain with very limited range of motion. I was on the Hallelujah Diet several years ago and became quite an aggressive water skier. I attributed my abilities to the Hallelujah Diet. My sports became my therapy because my husband was dying and I was his primary care giver. I have since tried to put on muscle on my legs but to no avail! Without my regular activity for the past two years, my legs are all but gone and what is left is a lot of saggy skin. I am thanking you now in advance for giving this your attention and sending me a reply to give me hope to send me in the right direction.” ~ Penny M.
Rev. Malkmus Responds: “Hi Penny, Three months ago I celebrated my 80th birthday with a healthy and muscular body. In fact, I am still building muscle at over 80 years of age. For a little background, I have been on the Hallelujah Diet, a 100% plant-based diet (zero animal-sourced foods) for the past 38 years, along with an active lifestyle. Concerning muscles, if you don’t use them, you lose them! I personally workout almost every day on my portable Fit-10 exercise equipment. The first 5 minutes of the 10-minute workout are resistance exercises designed primarily to build and strengthen the muscles of the upper part of the body and abs. In addition to the 5-minute workout to build and strengthen the upper part of my body, I power walk between 2-4 miles daily to keep my leg muscles toned. My wife Rhonda, who is a little older than you are, does the same workout routine as I do each day. In addition, you can purchase a vegetable protein in most health food stores that will also help to build muscles, but you cannot build muscles without using and stressing those muscles most every day. I know of no way to build muscles without using them. Sagging skin will usually automatically correct itself as we exercise and rebuild the muscles.”

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