I Have Cancer, What Should I Eat?

I Have Cancer, What Should I Eat?

As we work with people who are sick with cancer there is a common thread we have been hearing: “I am afraid to eat anything that may cause my cancer to grow, so I just don’t eat!” We met a man in Nigeria who had an elevated PSA and was told he had prostate cancer. In all of his reading, he knew that certain foods would cause his cancer to grow. Sadly, he was uncertain what to eat, so he just stopped eating. He said he just ate our Survival Bars, because he read that Rev. Malkmus ate them. Recently, we met a lady who had been fighting breast cancer for the last three years. Although she knew of the importance of eliminate processed foods, she too, was unsure of exactly what to eat so she wasn’t eating much. This repeated conversation is what led Ann to write the Unravel The Mystery Cancer Book. If a person with cancer doesn’t consume the right foods in abundance they can soon find themselves in a vulnerable situation. ctaUTM We have devoted our lives to helping people create stronger immune systems so their bodies can withstand and fight off various types of illness and disease. We get terribly frightened when we hear people say they have just stopped eating or eat very little. Nutrition is the only thing that will give the body what it needs to fight the disease and regain health. If you limit the quality nutrition, it can actually allow the cancer or the disease to become stronger. Yes, we need to eliminate the foods and substances that did cause and now can fuel the cancer but we MUST still eat. We are a teaching ministry, providing information based on Biblical principles and sound scientific evidence that we trust will help people make informed choices in terms of how they nourish and treat their body. The body is self-healing when we provide the conditions that are conducive to healing. The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle is the best way we know to provide those conditions. The Cancer book reveals in detail exactly the types of foods to avoid and the foods you must consume. The goal is to provide your body with aggressive nutritional support that will flood every cell with large amounts of easily digestible vitamins, minerals, enzymes and more so the healthy cells grow stronger and will support the body in its battle against cancer. The secret recipe is Vegetable Juicing! There is no more powerful and effective approach to reaching the hundreds of trillions of cells so quickly and efficiently with life-giving nutrition. Severe malnutrition and weight loss play a role in at least one in five cancer deaths. About half of all cancer patients eventually suffer serious weight loss and malnutrition, a wasting syndrome called “cachexia” where they don't just lose excess fat but vital muscle. A healthy person's body adjusts when it doesn't get enough calories, slowing metabolism to conserve nutrients. A person who has cancer doesn't make that adjustment and their metabolism may even speed up. Absorption and assimilation of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in people with cancer is compromised. The National Cancer Institute estimates cachexia (loss of weight, muscle atrophy, fatigue, weakness, and significant loss of appetite) is the immediate cause of death for at least 20 percent of people with cancer although advanced cancer might have eventually claimed many of them. We believe that flooding the body with nutrition from the start can prevent not only cachexia, but can create such a strong immune system that it will empower the body to fight the valiant battle against the cancer resulting in the healing of the body. Isn’t it amazing the body God designed and gave us is capable of healing itself when we nourish it properly! The quality of life for someone with cancer who is consuming large amounts of daily freshly extracted vegetable juices and lots of fresh vegetables and leafy greens, whether in salads or blended into pureed salads, is likely to include less pain, quicker recovery time, and improved outlook in health and life. If the cancer steals your appetite and you have nausea then small amounts, even as small as tablespoons filled with freshly extracted vegetable juices can give great relief. Dehydration is just as deadly as cancer. Consistently providing small amounts of juices will help the body stay hydrated, and provide the nourishment needed without exacerbating nausea. These and many other useful tips are described fully for you throughout Unravel the Mystery book. The Cancer book describes in greater detail recommended foods, the foods that have greater nutritional amounts specifically suggested for people fighting cancer, and even a daily schedule so all the guess-work is taken out. The companion recipe book provides highly nutritious, flavorful recipes to help people create healthy juices, smoothies and plates filled with living foods that can feed the body and starve the cancer. We truly understand that it can be confusing to know what to consume and what to avoid. It can be frightening to think that certain foods being consumed might actually cause the cancer to spread. But, you MUST eat! There ARE foods that will help you strengthen your body. Don’t let the world, or the cancer, prevent you from bringing the most effective weapon into your body—Nutrition!

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