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How to Obtain a Good Oxygen Level for Your Body

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Good oxygen levels in your blood mean everything is working well in your system. You should maintain between 95–100% saturation of oxygen in your blood, but, many people are on the lower end of that scale or even lower. Following the Hallelujah diet, you’re already eating a tremendous amount of oxygen-rich food. In this post, you can read some different ways of increasing your blood oxygen level, plus learn about oxygen-rich foods, which often overlap with antioxidant-rich foods. What you don't need is expensive supplementation. Many of the supplements we recommend for health work systematically in your body. They help increase your blood oxygen level and help your heart, digestive system, and mind. We focus on things that are going to help your whole body, not just one little patch. Try some of these exciting ideas:
  1. Sing and laugh.

Frankly, I can't carry a tune in a bucket, but I sing often. This also makes me laugh often. Some studies show that the act of singing and laughing helps open up your lungs, allowing more air to reach the deep parts. This helps expose more air and oxygen to your blood, creating good oxygen levels in your blood. It also helps reduce illness, clears out stagnant mucus, and gives you more energy.
  1. Play often.

Doing activities you love and playing around regularly can be disguised as exercises. Moving around, raising your heart rate, and breathing heavier than usual help to get more oxygen to your blood. They also help you to lose weight, decrease disease, and enjoy life. Choose activities where exercise is not a workout, but something you enjoy. That way, it creates a better routine—something you truly want to do and which creates the laughter that's so important to our lives.
  1. Choose the right supplement.

These supplements are specifically for good blood oxygen levels, and ones that help your body be healthy.


This enzyme primarily helps the heart. It helps steady the rhythm, creates good strong muscle contractions, lowers blood pressure, stabilizes cholesterol, and makes your blood efficient. If you come to the Hallelujah diet because you want to overcome health problems, you may be deficient in CoQ10. Most lifestyle diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and autoimmune issues, deplete the body of CoQ10. When you have a healthy heart, your blood oxygen will improve.


Iron is bound by the hemoglobin portion of our blood, and hemoglobin carries oxygen around our body. One of the most common causes of low oxygen levels in our blood is a low iron level. People who have anemia, or low blood iron, tend to be tired. A quality iron supplement can help if your blood iron levels are low. Women, more than men, tend to have low iron levels in their blood because of menstruation. Just be careful with iron supplementation because it can cause constipation and other digestive issues. People battling cancer should also avoid iron supplements and deal with anemia with foods as much as possible.


For the most part, people following a vegetable-based diet, like the Hallelujah diet, rarely need supplementation from the B vitamin category, except for B12. Nearly all sources of natural B12, except for some unheated purple Nori seaweed, come from animal products. However, quality supplements can use synthetically derived B12 to supplement levels. Why is this important? B12 helps create hemoglobin and promotes the utilization of iron. Folate, B9, is another one of the B-complex vitamins that helps create hemoglobin and red blood cells. Taking a B12-B6-folate supplement will help give you both of these vitamins and help fill in any gaps in these important B vitamins.
  1. Meditation and Prayer

Multi Generation Family PrayingBoth meditation and prayer follow the same principle of quieting the mind and focusing your attention. Traditionally, both prayers and mantras were spoken aloud as chants. Some studies on older prayers show that this specific type of chanting opened the lungs, created deep breaths, and enriched the blood with oxygen and nutrients. So, say your prayers. Many people have started silently praying, but you’ll get better health benefits by saying your prayers aloud.


As you begin following the Hallelujah diet, you’re already putting into place many techniques that will increase your blood oxygen levels. You can check out other tips in this article. Eating a good, healthy diet will increase your nutrients to build good, healthy blood; you'll begin exercising, which increases your lung capacity and improves your health; and you'll start to feel at peace with yourself, through prayer and lifestyle habits that bring you closer to God. Not bad for a diet, huh?

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