Making healthier lifestyle choices can heal your osteoporosis naturally.

How to Maintain and Regain Bone Density

Making healthier lifestyle choices can heal your osteoporosis naturally. 

According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, osteoporosis and low bone mass are major public health threats for nearly 44 million adults aged 50 and older. That number might be alarming, but most of those cases could've been avoided with mindful lifestyle choices. Eating a poor diet, neglecting to stay physically active and forgetting to take your vitamins can influence your bone health.

Switching to a highly alkaline plant-based diet and getting regular weight-bearing exercise will not only prevent osteoporosis, but can also rebuild bones to their proper strength and density and initiate self-healing! After all, God created our bodies to restore without the help from doctors and medications, so these healthy lifestyle choices were a part of his plan all along.

Follow these four steps and you'll regain and maintain your bone density:

"Eliminating highly acidic animal foods is crucial."

1. Stop Consuming Acidic Foods and Drinks
A diet heavy in animal products, sugar and processed food-stuff produces a net acid load on the body. The kidneys neutralize this acid by making ammonia from glutamine in your muscle proteins. Over time kidney function is compromised and mineral balance is impaired. Blood pH rises slightly and calcium carbonate from your bones is required to keep the pH balanced. The result is osteoporosis and damaged kidneys. Therefore, eliminating highly acidic animal foods, such as eggs and dairy products like cheese is crucial. Refined sugars are also high in acidity, so eliminating soft drinks and non-natural beverages is a must.

2. Switch to an Alkalizing Foods-Focused Diet
Because the main alkaline buffer in our bodies is bicarbonate, which comes from fruits and vegetables, we need to start eating foods that will replenish us and ward off low bone mass and osteoporosis. In "God's Original Diet," Rev. George Malkmus stresses eating kale, spinach, collards and deep green lettuce as they are some of the most alkalizing foods you can consume. Our BarleyMax is also among this list, making the Hallelujah Diet one of the most alkalizing diets available.

Green leafy vegetables are loaded with calcium.Green leafy vegetables are loaded with calcium.

3. Perform More Resistance Exercise on a Daily Basis
Aside from switching to a diet high in alkalizing foods, fitness is key for regaining and maintaining your bone density. Whether you exercise on a regular basis already or you're just getting started, make sure you're performing weight-bearing and/or resistance workouts. U.S. News & World Report suggested creating a strength training regimen with straight leg raises, wall shin raises, arm raises and planks.

4. Don't forget about Vitamin D
According to Rev. Malkmus, calcium intake means nothing without vitamin D.

"Without vitamin D, it doesn't matter how much calcium a person takes into their body, because the body cannot utilize calcium without adequate vitamin D present," he said.

But getting enough vitamin D isn't difficult. As long as you're spending ample time outside when sun exposure is abundant, you'll receive enough to acquire your calcium. During the winter months and in areas of the country that don't see much sunlight, George recommends taking a vitamin D3 supplement. With our vitamin D3-K2 supplement not only are you increasing your absorption of calcium, but you are also ensuring that it is directed to the right places with vitamin K2.

Remember, when the cause of the issue is removed, the body will almost always heal itself - just the way God intended. Overcoming and/or avoiding osteoporosis and low bone mass is possible when you supply your body the resources it needs by faithfully following the Hallelujah Diet which is based on principles as found in God's Word.

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