How to Defeat Cancer... God's Way!

How to Defeat Cancer... God's Way!

What would you do if you had cancer today? Here are 6 compelling stories of how others dealt with it — both the world's way and God's way!
Much of my mail deals with cancer! Christian after Christian tells me of the devastation cancer is causing in their lives after they have dealt with cancer the world’s way. But then there are those exciting letters telling how different the results when they have dealt with cancer God’s way!
Dear George, A dear friend of mine was diagnosed with prostate cancer just before Christmas this past year and was given radiation as a treatment. The radiation burnt his rectum so severely he started to bleed and he died Christmas Eve 2010. George, he did not die from the cancer, but rather as a result of the radiation the doctors had given him! Thank you for telling the truth about cancer, and may the whole world hear your message of hope before it is too late! Maria V.
Rev. Malkmus, you are being such an encouragement to so many people. My husband and I heard you in Tulsa several years ago. My husband died of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 1999. Sadly, we learned about The Hallelujah Diet too late. By the time we heard you he had already received massive doses of chemotherapy and radiation which had destroyed his immune system and, as a result, he died. Now I know that the Bible way, following the Genesis 1:29 diet, is really the only way to battle cancer. Not too long ago I discovered a lump in my breast, refused medical attention, and on the Hallelujah Recovery Diet watched it slowly disappear! Rev. Malkmus, please don’t ever get tired of trying to reach bull-headed people. The truth is getting out and it is saving lives every day. Blessings to you and your wife and thank you for all your hard work. Sidney B.
Rev. Malkmus, my father was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. We placed him immediately on The Hallelujah Diet and he has been showing great improvement ever since, including his PSA dropped from 1500 to 94 and still falling. I am so grateful to God for this improvement. On a personal note, I am also following The Hallelujah Diet. Arlene H., Registered Nurse EDITOR’S NOTE: Over 300 registered nurses have gone through the Hallelujah Acres Health Minister Training Program thus far. Our next training is July 6-8, 2011.
Thank you for your inspiration through the years. You have been such a great help to both me and my husband who recovered from cancer after adopting a basically raw 100% plant-sourced diet. Thank you so much and may God bless you abundantly. Pat M.
Thank you so much Brother George for what you mean to us and how our lives have been changed since we met you and adopted The Hallelujah Diet. Since making the diet and lifestyle change, Bob has been cured of cancer, pneumonia, allergies, and bronchial chronic asthma and Ruth has been cured of a heart disease called cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart) which can only be treated medically with strong drugs or a heart transplant, which is what the doctors wanted me to receive. Now we are missionaries in Brazil sharing the good news of the Gospel along with The Hallelujah Diet, telling what the Lord and The Hallelujah Diet have done for us. If it weren’t for you and all the sacrifices you made to reach the world with The Hallelujah Diet we wouldn’t be here in Brazil sharing the Gospel. We became Hallelujah Acres Health Ministers three years ago and have been able to use much of what we have learned to help others. People are surprised to learn that we are both in our mid 70s and still going strong. Praise the Lord! Continuing to follow The Hallelujah Diet we pray that we can continue serving the Lord for many more years. Both you and Rhonda have been great examples and a special blessing to each of us. We miss y'all and look forward to seeing you soon. Your Hallelujah Friends and Missionaries in Brazil. Bob and Ruth D., Missionaries to Brazil
Dr. Malkmus, I have been reading your info for a couple of years and am so glad you offer this information without cost. My house burned down last year and I lost everything. I ended up living in a camper that had a lot of mold, and ended up with a fungal infection of my left breast. The doctor prescribed an antifungal. Twelve months later lumps developed under my arm and on my neck, and I was told I had Stage 4 breast cancer. I allowed surgery but refused chemotherapy and radiation and adopted The Hallelujah Diet with some supplements. I’m just three months out of surgery, and on this 100% plant-based diet, doing well, and ready to go back to work. Your website is my encouragement and I praise God that you are offering this information free and I appreciate you making your products so affordable. God bless you and may you continue your good work. June F.

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