How to Create a Home Gym

How to Create a Home Gym

We may know how important it is to get active and to lead healthy lifestyles, but for some people, that is harder because of financial stressors that can put roadblocks in our path towards health. While it’s unfortunate, living a healthy lifestyle can be fairly expensive. Fresh foods like fruits and vegetables tend to cost more than their unhealthier counterparts, and gym memberships can be several hundreds of dollars a month. While many want to live a healthy lifestyle, they may find that financially it’s difficult to commit to this decision to dedicate their time and money to a gym. Luckily, there are ways to bring a gym to you which will save time and money. This article dives into how to create a home gym. You can create a home gym for a variety of budgets and reasons. For some, they’d prefer to work on their health in the privacy of their own home without the possibility of anyone judging them. Others may need to focus on monetary savings and can’t commit to a monthly gym membership right now. Some may have longer commutes to work that make finding the time to drive to a gym, change, workout, then drive home and get everything ready for the next day simply impossible. Creating a home gym can be a wonderful solution for all of those problems listed.

Follow these steps on how to create a home gym to create the perfect workout space for your needs.

  • Dedicate an area to your gym space. Even if you don’t have a spare bedroom, you can still carve out a chunk of space to be your gym. If you’re tight on space inside, look at your back porch and see if there’s an area there that could work for your equipment.
  • Determine your budget. Knowing what you can spend on this project is the second place to start once you’ve determined the area you can put the gym in.
  • Determine what equipment you’re going to buy. Depending on your needs and wants, your home gym can be as fancy as a regular gym with all the equipment or it can be minimal to meet your needs and offer you simple workouts you can complete daily. If you prefer running outside, then there’s no need to spend money on a treadmill or elliptical machine. Same if you have a bike you like to ride outside in your neighborhood. If you can’t afford a high-tech weight machine, look at ordering several sets of differently weighted dumbbells or kettle bells. You can complete all necessary strength training workouts with those, and they are much more affordable than a large machine.
  • Search for deals. Depending on what time of year you are searching for this equipment may allow you to save money. Searching at the new year can help you to save on workout equipment as many stores are offering sales relating to New Years resolutions.

Setting up the Gym

  • We suggest putting some rubber flooring down underneath your equipment to protect your current flooring from potential cracks, dings, and damage. There are many versions of rubber flooring, some that piece together like a puzzle, others that are a flat piece that you can cut to size.
  • Set up your area with enough space for you to move around and do your workouts in. Don’t put yourself in a corner or in too tight of an area where you are unable to move comfortably, and if you have equipment, have enough space around each one that a friend and you can use the equipment without causing injury.
  • Add a few mirrors to help you perfect your form and ensure that you are not lifting in a way that you can cause damage to your muscles.

Enjoy the Gym

Get your workouts in and enjoy your new workout area that inspires you to be your best self.

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