How The Hallelujah Recovery Diet Works

How The Hallelujah Recovery Diet Works

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Have you ever heard of someone who beat a life-threatening ailment without medical attention? It can be hard to believe — but it's true. We have personally seen, time and again, how the body can heal itself of almost any serious physical problem. How? By providing the body with the tools it needs to heal itself. The body is truly self-healing; it's the way God built you! Sometimes that means reversing years of damage due to poor diet and lifestyle choices — and that's where The Hallelujah Recovery Diet comes in. While The Hallelujah Diet provides the body what it needs to maintain great health, The Hallelujah Recovery Diet is intended to increase nutritional power to assist the body in its efforts to fight disease. The Hallelujah Recovery Diet differs from The Hallelujah Diet in several key ways:
  • Sugar: The Hallelujah Recovery Diet is very restrictive regarding even healthy sugars because sugar feeds cancer cells. Cancer cells absorb many more times as much sugar as normal cells, which feeds the cancer and enables it to grow.
  • Fats: Cancer also feeds on fats and oils, even those considered healthy like avocados and olive oil. The Hallelujah Recovery Diet suggests no fats from nuts, seeds (except flax seed), or avocados, and no oils except flax seed oil or Pharmax Fish Oil.
  • Increased Nutrition: When fighting disease, it is imperative to remove all toxic foods from the diet and eat as many raw vegetables as possible. To further boost nutrition, The Hallelujah Recovery Diet DOUBLES the number of daily servings of nutrient-rich BarleyMax and vegetable juices — one every hour.
Why so much juice? Fiber-free vegetable and grass juices give the body concentrated nutrition in an easy to assimilate form. They flood the body with vitamins, minerals, and trace elements all day, every day, which is exactly what the body needs in order to heal itself. The Hallelujah Recovery Diet is especially encouraged if you are considering or currently undergoing traditional medical treatment, such as chemotherapy and/or radiation. The concentrated nutrition significantly enhances the immune system's ability to reduce the negative side effects of these toxic treatments. Try it, stick with it, and like thousands of others, we're sure you'll be amazed at what your body can do! Read more about The Hallelujah Recovery Diet here! Do you know someone who healed themselves with diet? Tell us about it!

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