How Serrapeptase Can Help Reduce Acute Inflammation

How Serrapeptase Can Help Reduce Acute Inflammation

Acute inflammation, in any form, can mark the beginnings of a chronic condition when left untreated. Besides the swelling that comes with the occasional bruise or cut, inflammation can take on many different forms in the body. Heart disease, infection, arthritis, and asthma are just a handful of conditions brought on by inflammation. Serrapeptase, a natural supplement, offers an effective remedy for supporting the body’s immune response and reducing acute inflammation, so that it doesn’t become chronic.

Acute Inflammation: The Good and the Bad

The human body is equipped to take care of itself in many ways, including the healing and repair of damaged tissues. Acute inflammation plays a central role in the body’s self-healing or immune system response. When a bone, tissue, or tendon experiences trauma (whether by injury or bacterial or viral exposure) inflammation works to protect and heal the affected area. As a protective response, the pain from acute inflammation causes you to limit any exposure or movement of the area so no further damage occurs. As a healing mechanism, inflammation creates an environment that prompts the body to send needed oxygen, nutrients, and cell-building materials to rebuild the affected area. In the process, dead and damaged cells are flushed out as tissue recovery takes place. As beneficial as inflammation can be, it doesn’t always work the way it’s supposed to. When acute inflammation can’t protect or repair the damage, chronic inflammation develops. Unlike the acute version, chronic inflammation can bring about harmful, long-term effects.

Serrapeptase: “The Protein Metabolizer”

Serrapeptase is an enzyme supplement that originally was isolated from the silkworm. The silkworm uses this chemical to digest its cocoon. Serrapeptase belongs to the proteolytic class of enzymes, which are known for their ability to break down or metabolize proteins. This amazing enzyme metabolizes many types of proteins, including those that form blood clots, cysts, scar tissue, and arterial plaque. Its protein-metabolizing ability makes for an amazing anti-inflammatory agent. When tissue damage occurs, the body sends bacteria-killing proteins to the site of injury. The body uses mucus to carry the protein molecules. As the site heals, protein and mucous can accumulate in the area. This accounts for the swelling and inflammation that takes place. Serrapeptase’s protein-metabolizing properties help ease the healing and repair process along.

Serrapeptase Effects on Acute Inflammation

Serrapeptase produces both anti-inflammatory and pain-blocking effects through its interactions with the body’s immune system. In effect, its enzyme activity over-stimulates the immune system response, making it work faster. It does this by thinning out the mucous material that gathers at the site of the injury, which enables the fluid to drain quicker. Less fluid allows the bacteria-killing proteins to work more efficiently. Serrapeptase also metabolizes dead protein materials that accumulate at the site. As a protective measure, the body secretes pain-inducing chemicals known as bradykinin at the site of an injury. Serrapeptase’s effects help inhibit the release of bradykinin as it works. Ultimately, serrapeptase’s effects work to reduce inflammation and pain symptoms while speeding up the healing the process. Enzyme word cloud

Supports the Body’s Self-Healing Processes

As the body ages, inflammation takes on many different forms and also becomes more prominent. Chronic inflammation starts to develop as harmful materials, such as fat and salt, build up throughout the body. These conditions form the makings for serious medical conditions, such as heart attacks, high blood pressure, and strokes. Serrapeptase’s ability empower the body to reduce inflammation allows the body to focus on healing and rebuilding damaged tissue.

Serrapeptase Uses

Serrapeptase’s protein-metabolizing abilities not only clear protein debris from healing tissue but also break down nonliving tissue throughout the body. This includes cysts, blood clots, and arterial plaque. Since pain and inflammation can develop in almost any area of the body, serrapeptase can be used in many different ways. Here are just a few of them:
  • Back pain
  • Ear, nose, and throat infections
  • Sprains and torn ligaments
  • Sore throat
  • Tension headaches
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Keep in Mind: Product Quality Is Important

As effective as serrapeptase can be, not all supplement products deliver good results. The milligram-to-unit ratio ultimately determines the quality of the product. This information appears on the label or packaging. The milligram to unit ratio indicates the level of enzyme activity that’s present in the supplement. Enzyme activity is what enables the body to metabolize the drug. A quality brand of serrapeptase will have a bare minimum of 10 milligrams for every 20,000 units or five milligrams for every 10,000 units. At the right ratio levels, you can expect to experience the many benefits that serrapeptase has to offer.

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