How does hormone imbalance impact your life?

How does hormone imbalance impact your life?

Don't let your hormone imbalance stop you from a happy, healthy and comfortable life.
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According to the Women in Balance Institute of the National College of Natural Medicine, hormone balance is essential for living a healthy and happy life. Hormone imbalance can occur naturally during puberty, menopause and perimenopause. However, it can also be caused by filling your body with toxins as a result of living an unbalanced lifestyle. By being proactive about your overall health, you can decrease your chances of experiencing hormone imbalance and all of the side effects that may come with it.

You can boost your health by combining a healthy diet and supplements to relieve the following signs and symptoms of hormone imbalance:

1. Poor sleeping patterns
According to the National Sleep Foundation, the beginning stages of menopause, also known as perimenopause, often result in insomnia. During perimenopause, a women's ovaries begin to decrease production of estrogen and progesterone, hormones that promotes healthy sleeping habits. Therefore, the decline in this specific hormone can result in the inability to fall asleep.

2. Frequent headaches and migraines
Migraines can be triggered by a number of factors in a woman's everyday habits, according to the Office on Women's Health, and changes in the body's hormone levels during the menstrual cycle is one of them. While it is still unclear exactly how migraines and the menstrual cycle are linked, the decrease in estrogen and progesterone could be the cause. That's because estrogen controls chemicals in the brain that could affect pain sensation, thus causing frequent headache and migraines.

Hormone imbalance often causes frequent headaches or migraines.Hormone imbalance often causes frequent headaches or migraines.

3. Mood swings
Unfortunately, hormone imbalance can cause you to overact or become increasingly anxious about things that never used to affect you. The Women Imbalance Institute suggested getting yourself organized and eliminating the clutter that can cause unhealthy and unnecessary stress in your life. Consider reducing your stress by trying yoga, meditation or a session of massage. These are excellent ways to calm yourself down and channel your emotions through soothing therapy.

"Stressed caused by hormone imbalance could result in excessive sweating."

4. Excess sweating
It is natural to experience excessive sweating during hormone imbalance, according to Human Hormone Growth. The sweat glands are supplied by sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves. These nerves stimulate the sweat glands, which can react differently based on production of chemical hormones. Feelings of stress, nervousness or anxiety caused by mood swings could be the cause of your excess sweating.

5. Intense cravings
For many women, cravings are a result of a hormonal issue, according to Women's Health Network. Simply put, when you experience a food craving, it means that your body has its signals mixed up. Hormone imbalance can lead to low serotonin, which is low blood-sugar that fuels the "feel good" brain neurotransmitter. When you have low blood sugar, a notification is sent to the brain which then results in a craving for something like sugar or simple carbohydrates that can help release serotonin. The cravings can make you feel good at first, but they may contribute to an upset stomach if you eat too much.

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