Do You Trust Your Supplements?

Do You Trust Your Supplements?

We love our cooked food. Ann made an incredibly, delicious veggie pizza yesterday that was “oh my goodness” good. My mom, Rhonda, shared the recipe with her when we were in Florida recently. Thanks mom — that’s one great recipe! Its no wonder dad (Rev. Malkmus) didn’t want to share the pizza with us. Anyways, most of us are probably addicted to cooked foods in one way or another. It makes us feel good, brings us comfort, warms us when its cold outside, in some instances helps us to better assimilate certain nutrients and most of all, cooked food can taste delicious and the smell can sure get the appetite going. But what we have learned over the last 30 years of research is that there are many special elements of the plant that are destroyed or altered when the foods are exposed to heat. And, when people are trying to heal from sickness or just trying to keep from getting sick, the more nutrition that gets to our cells the better.

One of the reasons that people experience such incredible healing results from the Hallelujah Diet is because it is 85% raw, unprocessed foods. Several years ago, I received a small plastic bag containing a green powdery substance. A note was attached indicating that the powder was the freshest and most enzymatically alive (living) barley powder that could be produced. I thought, yeah right. People send me products all of the time saying they are the best or have the most enzymes or are the most nutrition. Not believing the claim I tossed the bag into a box under my desk with some other product samples I had recently received.

About six months later we decided to have Dr. Donaldson test the enzymes of the barley grass product that we were using at that time against competitive products. I sent along this little plastic bag to have it tested as a comparative sample. One of the cornerstone principles of the Hallelujah Diet is that we offer only the very best products so we do a lot of product testing. We know that many of the people who come to us are sick and fighting for their lives. They have put their trust in us, and we must give them the products that deliver the most nutrition to their cells as possible. We were shocked when the test results came back showing that this plastic bag that had been sitting under my desk for at least six months tested better than any other product we tested. This was the beginning of a journey for the Hallelujah Diet team.

You see, up until this point we didn’t manufacture any of our own products. We trusted our vendors to maintain the integrity of the products we sold. If you are like us, you go to the supplement aisle of at the heath food store and wonder which supplement will give you value for your purchase. Consumer Report labs did a test of probiotics a few years back and the results were disappointing. Of the 25 probiotics products tested only one had the strains of probiotics in the appropriate quantity in the capsule. Only one in 25 had product quality! It really frustrates us when we see companies marketing their products as raw or alive when we know from our testing that the product has been exposed to heat because we’ve tested the enzyme levels. So many products on the market don’t deliver the needed nutrition and people just won’t get the same results with inferior product quality.

A few years ago we tested several products that claimed they were raw. We compared them to BarleyMax. The closest one had 35% of the enzymes of BarleyMax. By the way, Dr. Donaldson used an expired BarleyMax because that was what he had sitting on his shelf. The enzyme levels were so much higher in our expired product than they were in any of the other products tested. People need to know that the claims made by some manufacturers on their labels are false. It is really difficult to know who to trust. Are the products people purchase high in quality or is the company’s marketing doing a good job of convincing people to buy their products? 

Dr. Donaldson PhD, Hallelujah Diet Research Director, is currently testing green juice products for enzymatic activity. He compares the enzymes in a product against what is supposed to be in the raw, freshly harvested plant. If the enzymes are intact it indicates that great care was taken throughout the harvesting and processing of the product. Not only does heat during processing destroy the enzymes but it also impacts the essential oils, minerals and other phyto-nutrients. So if the enzymes are there, these other elements will be better utilized by the body when the product is consumed. In the near future additional categories of products will be tested.

Just recently Ann was sent an aloe juice that the manufacturer claimed to be the only truly raw aloe juice available. We know aloe is great for healing in so many ways but most people don’t see the benefits they should from the products they purchase because they are consuming a product that has been heated, killing the enzymes and other vital nutrients. Dr. Donaldson just completed his testing of the aloe and found that the product doesn’t contain any living enzymes — meaning that it is not going to give people the results of freshly juiced aloe. It also means that the Hallelujah Diet can’t carry the product because it won’t give people the value and results they deserve.

Are your supplements truly raw? Are you getting the results from the money you are spending on supplements? Find out how the product(s) you are taking measures up to others. You may find test results from popular products that you always see in a primary space on the health food store shelf show absolutely no enzymes — completely dead! Don’t trust the label or the marketing materials.

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