How Can Poor Oral Health Impact Your Body?

How Can Poor Oral Health Impact Your Body?

To open your eyes even wider, here are a few of the serious consequences that may develop if you don’t take care of your teeth.
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You know the common results of neglecting to follow a healthy oral care regimen - bad breath, potential cavities and irritated gums are problems that are likely to surface. Unfortunately, however, there are even greater risks. Many people don't realize just how important it is to take care of your mouth, as it's the door to the rest of the body. Without a proper oral care routine, your immune system is put in jeopardy, which may lead to a number of chronic conditions in the future. To open your eyes even wider, here are a few of the serious consequences that may develop if you don't take care of your teeth: Cardiovascular Disease According to the Cleveland Clinic, certain studies have found that harmful bacteria in the mouth that lead to the development of periodontal disease can also move into the bloodstream. This bacteria then cause a spike in C-reactive protein, which can inflame blood vessels and increase one's risk for experiencing a stroke or developing heart disease. Pregnancy Complications Did you know that bad oral health can lead to complications during pregnancy? According to research conducted by the Society for General Microbiology, bad bacteria found in the mother's mouth can move into the bloodstream and transmit to the amniotic fluid of the unborn child. This can lead to premature delivery, premature contraction, an infection to the baby or low birth weight for the baby.
Pregnancy complications may occur without taking proper care of your oral cavity.Pregnancy complications may occur without taking proper care of your oral cavity.
Endocarditis Research led by Peter B. Lockhart from the Department of Oral Medicine at the Carolinas Medical Center determined that poor oral hygiene is a risk factor for developing endocarditis-related bacteremia. Endocarditis occurs when bacteria from a certain area of the body makes its way to the heart from the blood stream, which can cause infection, fever and fatigue. Other conditions that may be linked to oral health include diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease and even certain cancers. How to Prioritize Oral Wellness To ensure your oral cavity is always in prime condition, make sure to brush and floss daily, eliminate refined sugars from your diet and visit the dentist regularly. We also recommend taking the extra step by supplementing with our Oral Health Probiotics. Our unique product is made up of beneficial ingredients, including the clinically-proven BLIS K12 probiotic strain, and works its way from the oral cavity down to the gastrointestinal tract, providing the utmost protection for the digestive tract while supporting the immune system. Not only does it build strong teeth and gums, but it also helps to support healthy ears, nose, throat and sinuses and is beneficial for all age groups. What are you waiting for? It's time to stop neglecting your oral cavity and start taking our Oral Health Probiotics today.

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