Holy Basil, Batman... Catwoman's Gone Vegan!

Holy Basil, Batman... Catwoman's Gone Vegan!

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You'd have to be a certain age (who, us?) to remember Michelle Pfeiffer as Batman's nemesis, Catwoman in one of her defining roles (Batman Returns, 1992) Back then, she said in a recent interview on CNN, it was all about vanity. Now, 54-year-old Pfeiffer says, it's about longevity, which is why she's adopted a plant-based diet. (OK, maybe it's still a little about vanity, but a plant-based diet is good for that, too!) She broke the news this week on an interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight. She decided to make the change after watching Dr. Gupta's now-wildly-popular CNN documentary, "The Last Heart Attack." The documentary chronicles former President Bill Clinton's journey to a plant-based diet, citing Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn as his inspiration. (Dr. Esselstyn will be speaking at the Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Centers' 10th Anniversary celebration in September.) Like many people who adopt The Hallelujah Diet, a drop in her problematic cholesterol level was the first thing Pfeiffer noticed after "going vegan." But one of her comments that impressed us most was the fact that she encouraged CNN viewers to "give 8 weeks" on a plant-based diet. That's a far cry from the typical 21 days suggested by most vegan advocates — and exactly in line with what we suggest in our 60 Days To Reclaim Your Health program. As Pfeiffer pointed out in her CNN interview, you need to "give yourself enough time to really start to feel differently and see the benefits." Want to see and feel why Michelle Pfeiffer is raving about a plant-based diet? Sign up for our FREE 60 Days To Reclaim Your Health program and find out! Who's your favorite vegan celebrity? Comment below!

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