Here's Who Is Taking "The Daniel Challenge"

Here's Who Is Taking "The Daniel Challenge"

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A couple of weeks ago, I asked Health Tip readers if they would take the "Daniel" challenge to go on a 100% plant-based diet for 21 days. We had a good number of readers taking the challenge. Below are a few of the many responses:
“Dear Rev. Malkmus: Please include me in your Daniel Challenge... I've been diagnosed with breast cancer and am standing alone. I had surgery and the cancer was removed. I am cancer-free but I am being encouraged to go the conventional route of standard after-care. I feel God leading me to resist the chemo and radiation and trust Him because He has freed me from the disease. I have since changed my diet to plant-based. I feel completely renovated and renewed inside. Pray that God continues to give me His strength to stand alone like that of Daniel...In Christ alone.” ~ Priscilla
“Greetings George & Rhonda, I started the 21-day Daniel challenge yesterday. Thanks for spreading the good health news!” ~ Frances M.
“I am delighted to read of this and will take you up on this 21-day Daniel challenge. I will chart out my daily veggies to juice and add my fruits as well. Thanks for giving me this Daniel 21-day challenge.” ~ Kathy S.
“I want to take the challenge! You see, I had a brain tumor removed one year ago next month and they say they got all of it except for a little sliver. They said there were some questionable cells in the biopsy report. I've imperfectly made a stab at the Hallelujah Diet ever since then but it's hard when you have children and a busy life. Any advice would be welcome. Shalom." ~ Karilee
“You are an exceptional inspiration! I’m taking the 21-day challenge.” ~ Peggy H.
“Dear Rev. Malkmus, Thank you so much for all the sharing you have provided us to improve our health. I have been on and off the Hallelujah Diet (Canada) for four years now. Every time I am following the Hallelujah Diet I feel amazingly great and I believe. The nature of my work takes me out of the diet and not able to maintain it for days — that frustrates me. Please include me in your prayers to have the grace of discipline to stay in the Hallelujah Diet for life. I really believe in the wonderful results. Again, thank you for all your help and Rhonda's help, too. God bless you both even more with good health and long life, still in your senses, happy and alive." ~ Rose, Victoria, B.C. Canada
“Hello, I'm going to dare to be a modern day Daniel! I've been trying to stop eating meat for a while and I believe this will give me the jump start I need. Thanks for the encouragement." ~ Shalinda L.

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