Helping People Reclaim Their Health

Helping People Reclaim Their Health

Mike called the Hallelujah Diet last week asking for guidance. The doctors want to begin chemo therapy and radiation this week and he wanted someone to tell him what he should do. Mike is 93 years old and has prostate cancer. We know that decisions like the one Mike is facing aren’t easy. He is being pressured from all sides. The doctors are telling Mike that if he doesn’t have the treatments the cancer will kill him. Mike’s wife is fearful that he might not follow the treatment plan outlined by his doctors. Mike is concerned that the treatments will have a devastating impact on his quality of life and he would almost rather die than go through the grueling rounds of chemo therapy. Calls like this are received daily through our call center from people who are facing these types of monumental, life altering decisions. They want someone to tell them what to do and how it should be done. With the increased amount of information on the internet, people are seeing the many approaches to reversing their diseases through non-traditional means. Although the testimonies are positive, they don’t know exactly how to go about it, their families seem reluctant, and most people who are sick think that their sickness is “special” not realizing that all sickness is simply the body breaking down from improper diet and lifestyle. The Hallelujah Diet has been helping people like Mike for nearly 25 years. We teach how to provide powerful nutrition to the cells deep within the body so the body has the right materiel it needs to fight off the disease and rebuild healthy new cells. We also teach people to focus on the areas that caused their body to break down in the first place. We have found that helping others is incredibly rewarding. We provide hope to those who come to us asking for help. We provide them with the information and tools they need to make a solid decision. We continue to coach and support people so they can see the results in their own bodies similar to those they have read and heard about. Since 1994, the Hallelujah Diet has been training Health Minister to assist people like Mike. Our Health Ministers are teachers, preachers, nurses, doctors, massage therapists, engineers, and domestic engineers. What is more important than their careers, is their desire to reach people with the message of hope and healing. Our message is powerful and has the potential to change and save people’s lives from a lifetime of debilitating illness and even untimely death. While each Health Minister approaches their ministry/business different here are some of the activities we commonly see: One-on-one counseling, teaching classes, giving lectures, writing health articles, food demonstrations, websites including ecommerce stores, community events, and so many other creative ways that people are sharing the message that “You Don’t Have to Be Sick!” The training prepares Health Ministers for these and many other outreach/support activities. At the end of September, we will be training a new group of Health Ministers in Toronto, Canada. This 4 Day event will not only be life changing, but it will serve to reignite the passion and purpose that most people have lost. If there is one training that you don’t want to miss, this is it! Come join us for a powerful excursion into what causes disease and sickness, what can people do to avoid it and the methods that have been used successfully by thousands to restore vibrant health. We will be the facilitators and we promise your life and those you love will be impacted greatly by your attending this training. For more information go to: Health Minister Training Canada We cannot tell Mike what to do. It is his life and he needs to make the decisions based on what he believes to be the best for him. But, we know what ever he decides, if he will incorporate the information we have provided, he will undoubtedly have a better quality of life and be able to enjoy his family in a way that he never would have expected.

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