Hearty, Healthy, Tummy Warming Chili

Hearty, Healthy, Tummy Warming Chili

Record cold temperatures have held the central and eastern sections of these United States in the deep freeze for the past month, and yet there are those who continue to tell us that Global Warming is such a threat we need to add to every American’s tax burden some $2,000 a year in order to help reduce the release of CO2 into the atmosphere, which they claim is the cause of Global Warming. It is amazing, that in spite of weather records showing that a cooling trend began in this country ten years ago, and we have been experiencing record breaking cold temperatures and record breaking snowfalls this winter, many legislators in Washington continue their efforts to push for restrictions on all forms of energy produced by fossil fuel – primarily coal and oil. Well instead of continuing any further with this Global Warming issue, let’s think about something that will bring about some tummy warming on a cold winters day. And nothing warms the tummy (and even the heart) like a nice hot bowl of vegetarian chili. Packed with vegetables, this chunky chili is the perfect cure for the cold-weather blues.

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