Healthy... Forever

Healthy... Forever

For over 20-years Hallelujah Acres has been offering some of the best training available for people interested in learning more about health, nutrition, and ways to share this knowledge with friends and family. Many thousands of trained Health Ministers are working in every state in the United States as well as in countries around the world, spreading the truth to people that they don’t have to be sick. Below, one of these Health Ministers, a pastor by the name of George D, who lives in Reading, Pennsylvania, gives his reason for coming to Health Minister Training:
“For many years I prayed for an answer on how I could live a long, healthy, and happy life. I watched many of my friends and relatives battle weight issues and numerous health problems leading them to an early death. I watched both my father and grandfather battle obesity and health problems. “I am named after both my father and Grandfather and I determined years ago to find an answer to living a long healthy, happy, life. I had followed them in dedicating my life and ministry to the Lord, but I was determined not to follow them in living an unhealthy life leading to an early and untimely death. “I have ministered to the spiritual soul of man for the past over 30 years – helping people find a new life and eternal life in Christ. Now I want to also help as many Christians as I can to find the Biblical answer to living a long and healthy life. I’m convinced that God gave us the answer to a long, healthy life in Genesis 1:29. “I have helped many find Christ and with the Hallelujah Acres Health Minister Training I will again be blessed by our Lord to also learn how to help a sick and dying Christian community find God’s answer to a long, healthy, happy life through the Hallelujah Diet.”
To learn more about how you can become a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister, click here!

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