A Healthy Easter Challenge

A Healthy Easter Challenge

Resurrecting Your Health

Easter is my favorite time of the year. With Spring in the air, the birds chirping everywhere and the feeling of heightened renewal, I wake up each morning refreshed in the sense that God is everywhere and He has been waiting for me all night long. Easter is that break in the dawn when you begin to realize that everything will be alright, if you place your trust in Jesus. The elections will work out, your finances will survive, your health will improve and you will be fine. When I set my mind to thinking… “If He can die on a cross for me, then I can….” Yes, then, you can do anything! In comparison, everything looks quite easy! I can go on a juice fast, I can start an exercise regimen, I can go back to school. I can work out the relationship problems with my spouse, I can even learn a new language! While the primary focus of our blogs are about physical health, the truth is, without your mental, spiritual, or emotional health, you will never be able to obtain or maintain physical health. The word “Resurrection” comes to life at this time of year, although we should be remembering His suffering all year long. Think of the areas in your life that you have the ability to “resurrect”:
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Faith
At this time of “New Beginnings”, let’s all remember that what Jesus did for us, we can never repay. He doesn’t want repayment. He wants us to pay it forward. Our country, our world has never needed more compassion, truth and love than it does today. The best thing we can all do for our health is to ponder this week of the great suffering and sacrifice that one man did for us all. Heaven is the beacon of light that we are all striving to achieve. But, while we still are on earth, we have a job to do and that is to keep sharing this incredible love story. When you think of a love story it is likely between two people. One would do anything for the other one. But, the love story that we are talking about involves one man and many, many people. His love was so strong that He gave up his life. There was no agenda, there was no pomp and circumstance, in fact, very few people indeed, understood why he even died for them. He was in the prime of his life with much to share but decided that His message of sacrificial giving was greater than any of the miracles He had already created. His goal was to show that sacrificial love was far more important than performing miracles. How many of us really understands and has demonstrated our own sacrificial love? Sacrificial love is a love that may actually hurt or bring about change in the one giving it. Do you love your body enough to:
  • Fast?
  • Exercise?
  • Refrain from addictive habits that are damaging to your body?
Do you love your family enough to:
  • Work daily at a job that may not satisfy you?
  • Continue to clean, cook and create a healthy environment for them to the point of exhaustion?
  • Carve out a daily or weekly niche to have all of you spend time together in worship and devotion?
Do you love Jesus enough to:
  • Spend time daily with Him?
  • Worship no one or nothing else above him?
  • Show sacrificial love to another person?
Sacrificial love. Not something that would be considered politically correct in today’s world. But Jesus came to set men free from the bondages that have developed over the past 2,000 years. As you walk through this powerful week filled with memories leading up to Jesus’ moments filled with fear and dread, remember Him and how He leaned on His Father for support, His undying faith in His Father and His undying love for you. May the first thought you have when you awaken on Easter Sunday morning be filled with love, humility and gratefulness that someone cared enough for you to die for you. Just like Jesus was victorious and rose from the grave so may you win the many battles you face in your life. What a blessing to know that because of His death and victory over the grave we have been given life everlasting. Happy Easter to all who read this. Our prayer is that we all can emulate His powerful love to those who most need it.

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