Why You Should Be A Health Minister...

Why You Should Be A Health Minister...

In 1984, we began our Health Minister Training program. Twenty-five people attended that first training session. Since then we have trained over 12,000 Health Ministers. Health Minister Training prepares people to teach God’s Way to Ultimate Health to others. You can take this training online here or you can come for LIVE training at Hallelujah Acres; click here for more info. The below is from Susan who lives in Carlisle, Pennsylvania as to her reason why she desires training as a Health Minister:
"My quest for good health began in 1996 when my son was one year old. A good friend gave me a book called “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” by Rev. George Malkmus. This book was a revelation to me and started my quest to know more. Fast forward 9 years since my son’s birth – off and on throughout those 9 years I was making diet adjustments that I knew would benefit us as a family, but was not consistent and struggled with what the world and doctors were telling me. I kept up with lots of reading and researching nutrition and making necessary changes. Soon after moving to Pennsylvania in 2002 I finally went to a doctor about a bump on my arm that had been there a while. It was B-Cell Lymphoma. It was a shock of my life since I KNEW when the kids were born we were changing our eating habits to prevent this type of thing. After many visits with numerous doctors I finally knew what needed to be done as God had been preparing me since 9 years earlier. I was originally told I was going to have to have full body chemotherapy and then full body radiation for 9 weeks which meant absolutely no visitors except some nurses. It just did not sit right with me and God kept telling me not to do it this way, so after much prayer and more research I decided to detox my body naturally. When it was time to decide what to do with the lumps on my arm we opted to just do surgery and a very strict detox for 6 months. Thankfully, I found a wonderful doctor at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital who was willing to work with me and not lecture me about all the medicines out there to help me. We agreed to a 6-month process. I told her I was going to do a vegan diet, juice lots of veggies, drink some green ‘grass’ every day and exercise regularly (The Hallelujah Diet). Right before the surgery a new lump appeared close to the one being removed. So after surgery we kept a close eye on the new lump. The new lump started to grow pretty fast and we were getting concerned and a little discouraged. BUT after 4 months of doing my detox and on a vegan diet, my husband thought the new lump was getting smaller. So we measured the new lump and it was so. This was exactly what I needed to hear, so I continued my detox and vegan diet. When I showed up at my doctor’s office at the 6-month mark – she was amazed! The lump was gone! Just a small pink spot left. We did new blood work and my numbers were getting better. After another six months, my blood work was normal. I kept up with my detox and vegan diet for another year and was amazed at my health. Not only was there no trace of cancer in my body anymore, but my cholesterol went way down under 200, no more acne, and I finally had lost some excess weight. I looked and felt great. When I started my detox and the vegan diet, many friends and family members kept asking what I was doing. I was so excited to share with them all that I had been learning. It has been my passion to help people, and now help them take care of their bodies the way God intended. People need to be encouraged to learn about nutrition and the impact it has on their health because they really will not hear it through the medical doctors. The Bible says in Romans 12:1 “do not be conformed to this world.” This verse always comes to mind whenever I am discussing health and nutrition with someone. I would wonder and then start asking them if they felt they were really taking care of the temple God had given them. After seeing my own transformation and knowledge from the Lord, how can I not help spread the good news of health and wholeness through God’s Original Diet plan? I am at a point in my life to take my role as a Health Minister seriously. I know I need professional training and education. I have dreamed of becoming a Health Minister for many years and am now taking action to fulfill this dream. I have ignored the Lord’s prompting for too long and feel now is the time to be obedient and move forward with more purpose towards this ministry. With the proper training from Hallelujah Acres, and the title of Health Minister, I feel God’s timing is now and my ministry will truly begin." ~ Health Minister Susan A., Carlisle, Pennsylvania

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