Hallelujah Acres Is Moving

Hallelujah Acres Is Moving

You read that right! Hallelujah Acres is moving to better serve those around the world with God's health message — find out where we're headed!
On Friday, June 8, Hallelujah Acres was highlighted in the local media with the announcement that we are moving our corporate headquarters from Shelby, North Carolina to Gastonia, North Carolina, 24 miles east of the current location. This will be the fourth move since Hallelujah Acres had its beginning in 1992. Hallelujah Acres began as a 16-seat café and health food store in an 11-foot-wide storefront on Main Street in Rogersville, Tennessee in 1992. One year later, because of extremely rapid growth, Hallelujah Acres moved to a 56-seat restaurant three doors down the block. In 1994, in an effort to reach more people with God’s health message, the store/restaurant was closed and Hallelujah Acres was relocated to a mountaintop acreage in Eidson, Tennessee. From this location, Rev. Malkmus took the Hallelujah Acres health message on the road and started the Health Minister Training program. In 1997, in need of a larger facility to promote God’s health message to the world, the ministry was moved to Shelby, North Carolina where it has remained to this day. The current move will bring Hallelujah Acres within a 20-minute drive of Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Charlotte is America's 17th largest city with a population of 731,000. The new home for Hallelujah Acres is in a brand new, 13,000 square foot facility located on Cox Road in Gastonia. This is a strategic move that will place Hallelujah Acres in Gastonia's primary retail and medical district, while centrally locating the company within the Charlotte metro area. The new facility will allow for the consolidation of Hallelujah Acres key operations (marketing, IT, customer care center, accounting, etc) that are currently in several buildings. It will also allow room for future growth, including an immediate expansion of the Hallelujah Acres Health Food Store. Warehousing, shipping and distribution operations will remain in the Shelby location after the relocation to Gastonia. The Hallelujah Acres Café, which has provided the Shelby area with healthy foods for the past several years, was closed on Friday, June 8th and will not be re-opening in the new location. Hallelujah Acres continues to grow despite the economic recession that has grasped the nation the past four years. In fact, our outreach across the globe is expanding. Currently, a promotional tour is planned for later this year in Nigeria, and invitations have been received to bring the Hallelujah Acres message to Australia, Iceland, and Mexico. Hallelujah Acres' on-site events (first weekend of the month events, Women's Retreat, Health Minister Training, Health Minister Reunion, etc) will continue to be held at suitable venues in the Charlotte metro area and may be expanded to locations across the country. The economic turndown has, however, affected The Villages of Hallelujah Acres, which has not developed according to its anticipated schedule. Though Hallelujah Acres will not be continuing with the project, other builders and developers have been invited to assist with finishing the development, which has become home to a handful of buyers, including Rev. George and Rhonda Malkmus. With a new focus on our core message, we are excited about the possibilities the new location affords for the health of those across America and around the world! More than ever, we are better equipped to share God's way to ultimate health! In addition to our Shelby shipping location, our new Gastonia location, and our Canadian division in Toronto, Canada, Hallelujah Acres has over 10,000 trained Health Ministers scattered across America in every state as well as in 48 foreign countries — and their numbers are growing monthly thanks to our new Health Minister Training Online program. Our move from the Shelby location to the Gastonia location is projected to take place around October 1, 2012. We thank you for your prayers and encouragement as we transition — we will soon be in a better position than ever to serve you and to take God’s health message to the world! We are excited for the new opportunities the Lord has provided us, and we are eager to follow His leading as we continue to do His will.

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