Hallelujah Acres Introduces An Oral Probiotic

Hallelujah Acres Introduces An Oral Probiotic

Having good bacteria in your mouth is just as important as having them in your rest of your digestive tract. And now there's an easy way to do it!
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Many people know how important probiotics are for the colon which is host to over 400 species of bacteria — weighting about 3.5 pounds! About 80% of that host should be friendly flora that creates an environment that keeps the pathogenic bacteria under control so they do not manifest in bacterial infections. But, do probiotics play a role in oral health as well? The mouth is the gateway to the gastrointestinal system and contains a host of bacteria that thrive in saliva.
“In addition to the important digestive enzymes that begin the chemical breakdown of food as you chew, saliva contains between 10,000 and 1 billion microorganisms per milliliter (1/5 teaspoon)." ~ Probiotics: Nature’s Internal Healers, Natasha Trenev
Undesirable bacteria left in the mouth too long can cause cavities and contribute to gum disease and oral pathology. Most of the bacteria in the mouth reside in harmony when the friendly bacteria are predominating. To help support a health balance of beneficial bacteria in the mouth, Hallelujah Acres has formulated a chewable probiotic supplement. While most probiotic supplements are designed to support the friendly flora in the colon, this unique chewable probiotic begins restoring friendly flora in the mouth — the gateway to the digestive system!

Introducing Hallelujah Acres Chewable Probiotics

Hallelujah Acres Oral Health Probiotics are chewable probiotics, specifically formulated with several strains of bacteria that exhibit potential for supporting oral health. Of particular interest is a lactic acid bacterium called L. reuteri. Compared to other lactobacilli strains, L. reuteri shows a superior ability to balance bacteria in your mouth, which:
  • protects gums from inflammation
  • reduces plaque
  • helps prevent bleeding gums, and
  • prevents “bad” bacteria formation.
The other lactobacilli strains round out your oral health team and add additional anti-microbial protection. Oral Colonization For probiotics to be effective they should adhere to dental tissues as a part of the biofilm (or plaque) and compete with the growth of cariogenic bacteria or periodontal pathogens. The most effective colonization appears to be from L. reuteri with 95% colonization after 14 days. Close interaction with host tissues through adhesion is crucial when establishing residence in the gastrointestinal tract or cells of the mucosa. Not all probiotics have the same adhesion factors, L.reuteri however has been shown to have superior adhesion and ability to colonize the entire digestive tract (including the oral cavity) when compared to other lactobacilli. Lactobacillus salivarius, found in the mouth and small intestine, has been shown to improve bleeding gums, tooth decay, bad breath, thrush and canker sores. L. salivarius breaks down proteins and produces B vitamins, enzymes and lactic acid. Its strong antimicrobial effects have been demonstrated clinically. These probiotics are naturally sourced and non-GMO, formulated with 5 billion CFU at time of manufacture. And, there’s no refrigeration needed thanks to patented Live-Bac® processing.

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