Great Seminar In Orlando!

Great Seminar In Orlando!

On Friday, July 4th, right after lunch Rhonda and I drove to the beach here in St. Augustine for a two-mile power walk at the water’s edge in our bare feet. It was beautiful with high surf from the storm that had passed the night before. When we got home from the beach about 2:00 p.m. we packed our car and drove to the Hilton Hotel in Orlando, a drive of about 2 hours. It being the 4th of July the traffic fortunately wasn’t too bad. After checking into our hotel room we went to see what they might have at the hotel for supper. First we went to the dining room and were very disappointed that they didn’t have anything for a vegan to eat, but there was a little deli like shop in the hotel lobby where they had tabouli and some other grain foods. So we got a few of these healthy foods and took them to our room where we had a very nice supper after drinking the carrot juices we had brought from home in a cooler. After a good night’s sleep, I was in the ballroom at about 8:30 a.m. the next morning where the Orcutts (Health Ministers who run the Lifestyle Center in Plant City) were already busily setting up the store with Hallelujah Acres products. They are such a blessing when I hold seminars in Florida, helping me with the seminars. The first person to arrive for the seminar was a lady probably in her 70s who when she saw me, the first thing she said was “You’re my Hero!” I later learned that the reason for her saying that was almost 20 years ago she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and there she was 20 years later, attending the seminar, free of cancer because of the Hallelujah Diet. The seminar began sharply at 10:00 a.m. with me running down the aisle (as I always do) and launching into the seminar. The first thing I do in each seminar is ask those in attendance and that are on the Hallelujah Diet what improvements they have experienced since making the diet change. This is always the highlight of the seminar as far as I am concerned and I was not disappointed: One lady shared how that in just the 2 months since beginning the Hallelujah Diet, her cancer markers were showing that the cancer was almost gone. Wow! Others, probably several dozen others, reported all kinds of physical problems that had disappeared after adopting the Hallelujah Diet including multiple sclerosis disappearing, diabetes gone, and weight losses of 50 and over 70 pounds. For the next two hours I shared with those present the diet responsible for all of those wonderful improvements in health that had just been shared. Then after the seminar, after about an hour of answering questions, signing books and the taking of many pictures, we got into our car for the two-hour return trip to our home in St. Augustine. I do all the driving, so in summation, I drove the two-hours down to Orlando on July 4th after a two-mile walk on the beach. Then on Saturday, delivered the almost 3-hour seminar and drove home 2-hours, and arrived at home and had no fatigue at the age of 80. And... after arriving home we went for another 2-mile power walk! People often wonder if the Hallelujah Diet will keep a person well and energized into their senior years. For me at least, the diet has been a tremendous blessing, especially when I look at the physical condition of others my age – that is of those who are still alive and in their 80s. I have been on the Hallelujah Diet now for over 38 years.

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