Great Grain Robbery Worse Than Previously Thought

Great Grain Robbery Worse Than Previously Thought

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We’re continuing our series on How we Contribute to our own Physical Problems. Today we’ll learn more about grains, and continue to share why they become problematic when consumed in their refined form. REFINED GRAINS CREATE BLOOD SUGAR DISORDERS When whole grains are processed something very serious with potentially devastating health consequences happens to that grain. In order to understand this, we need to recall what refined grains are. A refined grain is a whole grain that has been stripped of its outer shell (fiber) and its germ (nutrients), leaving only the endosperm (embryo sack). During processing, refined grains go through a heating, mechanical, and chemical process, during which vitamins, proteins, fats, enzymes, (in fact, almost all nutrients) and the fiber are removed, leaving practically nothing but pure white, naked calories - pure refined carbohydrate. When you read the word “enriched” on the label of a refined grain product, it means the manufacturer, after removing the germ from the whole grain which contained the nutrients, has attempted to replace some of the lost nutrients with chemical additives. Also, when a person consumes a refined grain,because the fiber has been removed, a high percentage of the starch (which is practically all that is left after the fiber and germ have been removed) is very quickly broken down into simple sugars. These simple sugars from refined grain hit the blood stream almost as rapidly as refined sugars do. Dealing with all of this sugar exhausts the pancreas and/or adrenals, and produces the same diabetic/hypoglycemic reactions we learned about in Health Tip #652 and #653. The average lifetime consumption of refined sugar is approximately 10,000 pounds per person, and the lifetime intake of refined grains, which converts to sugar very rapidly, is approximately 13,000 pounds.Friends, can you now better understand why the people of today suffer with a multitude of blood sugar problems? This incredibly high intake of refined sugar and refined grains is devastating and is causing a myriad of psychological problems, dealt with by guess what – drugs. No one has ever recovered from a psychological problem through the use of drugs. Rather these drugs only exacerbate the problem, often leading to new problems for which additional drugs are often prescribed. Prior to the year 1900, practically no refined sugars or refined grains were consumed in America or any other place in the world.For sure there were no refined sugars, or refined grains in the diet God gave Adam and Eden in the Garden of Eden. Nor will you find any refined sugar or refined grains in The Hallelujah Acres Diet. One of the reasons The Hallelujah Diet helps those with emotional, phychological, and depression problems recover is because these sugars are the primary cause of the problem. On The Hallelujah Diet the cause is eliminated. We need to remember that every physical and psychological problem has a cause. If we want to recover from a problem the single most important thing we must do to affect a recovery is remove the cause. The Bible puts it this way in Proverbs 26:2: “…the curse causeless shall not come.” REFINED GRAINS PROMOTE EMOTIONAL INSTABLILTY Sadly, studies reveal a strong link between juvenile and adult criminal offenses and not only refined sugar, but also refined grains.Similar research reveals a strong link between mental illness and sugar derived from these refined sources: Hypoglycemic reactions, for the very sensitive consumer, promote extreme irrationality, emotional instability, and often time’s aggressiveness.Recent studies reveal that sugar, coming from both refined sugars and refined grains, may be as involved in mental illness, divorce, and crime as alcohol has been found to be. These refined grains and sugars also play a significant role in the bad behavior of children.This bad behavior often leads to a child being diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. And the doctor, rather than telling the parent they need to remove the cause of the child’s problem, prescribes a drug that can have potentially devastating consequences. Through the years, I have received some wonderful testimonies from mothers reporting that after removing refined grains and sugar from their child’s diet and placing them on a basically raw plant diet, the child became a totally different and well-behaved person. Depression is also one of the most rapidly growing problems in our society,and refined sugars, along with refined grains, are a major contributing factor! REFINED GRAINS ARE EXCESSIVELY STARCHY Refined grains are one of the starchiest foods consumed by humans and present an overwhelmingly difficult task for the digestive system.Refined grains also cause mucus formation. Since 1965, scientists have repeatedly linked high gluten consumption, coming from refined grains, to learning disorders and schizophrenia. (Those with gluten intolerance usually cannot handle whole grains either.) REFINED GRAINS CONTAIN HIGH AMOUNTS OF GLUTEN Gluten is the “grayish, sticky component of wheat flour and some of the other grain flours, composed mainly of the proteins gladin and glutenin.”(Webster) Not all grains contain gluten.Examples of those that do not contain gluten include millet, amaranth, quinoa and oats. “Refined grains such as wheat, which is exceptionally high in gluten, can produce many physical and mental problems, in addition to celiac disease.Problems linked to high gluten intake can include: asthma, allergies, gluten intolerance, digestive disturbances, yeast infections, various mucus and congestive disturbances, several types of arthritis, and even chronic overeating.” (Source: “Grain Damage” by Douglas Graham, D.C.) REFINED GRAINS LEAD TO ADDICTION AND WEIGHT GAIN Refined grains are addictive!We have found that when a person decides to adopt The Hallelujah Diet, refined sugar and refined grains are the two most difficult items to eliminate from the diet – much more difficult than eliminating animal source foods. Why? Because these sugars have a very powerful addictive influence upon the body – as powerful as nicotine and alcohol. Another thing we need to remember concerning refined grains is that whenever a food has been fragmented, it is nutrient-deficient and always results in lower levels of nutrition and health. This is the case concerning refined grain products. Because refined grains do not provide satisfaction at the cellular level, the body continues to be hungry – continuing to seek adequate nutrients to satisfy nutritional needs. This leads to overeating. Sadly, all these refined foods have produced a nation of overfed, undernourished, predominantly overweight people. The Hallelujah Diet, by comparison, produces a people who are properly nourished while at the same time consuming a much lower volume of food. The Hallelujah Diet contributes to a person being of ideal weight along with possessing a healthy, strong physical body, a sound mind, and an uncompromised immune system. REFINED GRAINS COMPROMISE THE IMMUNE SYSTEM We need to remember that the immune system was built into each of our physical bodies by God to protect us from the germs, viruses, and bacteria of this world.Our immune system is our first line of defense! Refined grains, which convert very rapidly to sugar, along with refined sugar suppress the immune system, keeping it from being able to perform its God-given tasks. Does this give us a clue as to why so many people experience infections, colds, the flu, along with other flu like symptoms and more?Since this editor adopted a predominantly raw, plant-based diet, free of refined grains or refined sugars, over thirty-four years ago, I have not experienced any infections, the flu, or even a cold. Not even one time. Does not the Bible tell us that we will reap what we sow in Galatians 6:7? “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” REFINED GRAINS CAUSE MANY OTHER PHYSICAL PROBLEMS Finally, refined grains are associated with not only malnutrition, decreased resistance to disease, mental instability, and being overweight. Refined grains impact our quality of life. Refined grains cause or increase the severity of PMS symptoms. They decrease cognitive or intellectual function, especially in children. Refined grains, along with refined sugar, also contribute to our current epidemic of heart disease and so much more. Following is just a partial list of other health problems related to the intake of refined grains: acne, addiction to drugs (including caffeine and alcohol) anxiety, behavioral problems, binge eating, bloating, bone loss, Candidiasis, depression, difficulty concentrating, eczema, edema, emotional problems, fatigue, food cravings, hormonal imbalances, hyperactivity, insomnia, mental illness, mood swings, premature aging, psoriasis, and the list goes on. IN CONCLUSION: For almost every negative influence refined sugar has upon the body refined grains offer an equally negative influence.If we want to have a strong healthy body and mind, we must eliminate not only refined sugars from our diet, but also refined grains! After spending three Health Tips on the subject of refined grains, sharing all the physical and mental problems refined grains can create within not only our own bodies, but especially the bodies of our children, don’t you think it is time we all removed refined grains, along with refined sugars from our homes? Will you say “Amen” to that?

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