Grace, Gratitude and Giving

As we sit down today with our friends and family near, and the traditional recipes that have been handed down for generations are awaiting our palates, let´s remember that there will be more food on our plates in this one meal than most of the world will get in one day.

As we reflect on the year that has passed, and find perhaps an empty chair of one who will be celebrating this season with our Lord instead of us, may we draw strength and comfort in knowing our loved one will be enjoying a feast greater than we have ever known.

Today we celebrate Grace. The Grace that has been given to each of us without our even asking. We ask for Mercy—We receive Grace. It is because of this incredible gift, that we are able to move on in our world, minute by minute, day by day. Grace is what keeps us clinging to our Lord and to each other. There is no greater gift to be thankful for today, than Grace.

It is in our Gratitude that we can truly begin to heal. People all over the world have much less than we do, and yet their Gratitude is always greater and more sincere than ours. Always remember that the more we give Gratitude the more that we see we have. It takes nothing to say “Thank You,” but it means so much to someone else.

As we enter the season of Christmas, we must all be aware that it is in Giving that we actually do receive. Let´s open our minds this year to give more of our time, our talents and our treasures.

Won´t you consider stepping outside of your comfort zone this year? As you receive Grace from the One above, show your Gratitude by Giving to others.

We wish you and your family a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving!

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