Got Summer Allergies?

Got Summer Allergies?

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Not allergic to dairy? Doesn't matter. Technically, you may not be lactose intolerant, but dairy can play havoc with summertime allergies no matter who you are. Dairy causes phlegm to form in most kids and adults and that can compound the trouble of summertime allergies. But guess what? Creating phlegm when presented with dairy is what your body is supposed to do! It's your body's way of collecting the toxin and expelling it! Oh, but "I don't have toxins in my milk," they say. " I drink raw, organic milk from grass-fed cattle." That's perfect... for a grass-fed calf! Unless you're a calf, you have no business drinking the milk of a cow, or a dog, or a cat, or a pig for that matter. You are a human being. And when you were weaned from your mother's milk, your body no longer needed the hormones in milk, or the hormones in milk from a cow for that matter. Even if you drink the purest, most organic, so-called "hormone-free" cow's milk, you're still drinking naturally occurring hormones — hormones intended for a calf before it's weaned. Milk is, in itself, a means for a baby to get hormones it needs from its mother.
"Hormone-free" on a milk label simply means that no hormones have been artificially injected into the cow. But naturally occurring hormones are still in the cow, and thus in the milk.
Once the calf is weaned, it doesn't need milk anymore. Have you ever seen a full-size steer go to its mother for a drink of milk? Even more absurd is a weaned human seeking mother's milk from a different species. No wonder the immune system rejects it! Not to mention, as long as you keep your immune system preoccupied with fighting off foreign hormones from dairy, it can't help you with what should be a simple fix to some minor, pollen-induced annoyances each summer. Take milk, cream, cheese, yogurt, and butter out of your diet this summer and we're willing to bet you'll see a massive improvement in your body's ability to overcome allergies. What are you allergic to? Scroll below the related articles to comment!

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