God's Way Beats Antidepressants

God's Way Beats Antidepressants

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Recently, I wrote on the subject “FORT HOOD SHOOTER – DID MEDS SET HIM OFF?” Apparently that article was much appreciated according to all the email responses I received. Following are just a few of them...
“Hi George Thanks for the great article on antidepressants! I have stated that these meds were implicated from day one concerning untoward side effects, including the ones stated in your article. It is interesting to note that when I lived in Berlin three years ago, they had exhibits in various areas of the city, disclaiming the value of PROZAC and other antidepressants. These exhibits actually toured Europe to enlighten more consumer awareness on the safety of these meds.” ~ Bill B., CNHP, BSc, Cl, NESP, North Carolina
"Dr. Peter Breggin is another doctor who has spent his life trying to shift the paradigm of how we treat mental illness from drugs to natural therapies. He is trying to increase awareness of the link between school and other mass shootings and psychotropic drugs and the link between suicides and homicides and these commonly prescribed drugs. He states that about 90% of the shooters were on some kind of psychotropic drugs, yet few are talking about it, so I am so glad you are Rev. Malkmus. I personally have had some experience with what you speak of both in how drugs affect one’s mood and how changing one’s lifestyle can improve one’s mood and without the antidepressant drugs. I have had clinical depression and a plethora of constant and serious life problems for about 35 years. Though I resisted taking antidepressant drugs for a long time, eventually gave in and over the course of 15 years was put on 15 different antidepressants as one after another did not work. Not only did they not help, they caused me to nearly lose my life. I became intensely almost bizarrely suicidal. It was nearly unbearable to resist as well as having fantasies of ways to kill myself, some of them quite chilling. Pretty much for 15 years I battled these feelings coming very close to killing myself. Also helping me was fear – the fear I would fail the attempt and make things worse by having to live with the physical consequences of an attempt should something go wrong, and the fear of eternal consequences. Luckily this stayed my hand long enough to get off these drugs. Finally, I was prescribed a very dangerous, little-used drug and this threw me in the hospital and changed me so much that I voluntarily signed myself into a mental hospital to rest. When I was released I found that my whole personality changed for the worse and that I could not function at all and acted in ways I never had before. It was when I decided to stop all drugs that change happened. Within days of stopping all drugs, all suicidal ideas left me that had been there daily every day for 15 years. I still had many serious and daily problems but no suicidal thoughts or impulses. Back then the drugs were not labeled with the dangers of suicide and still are not as to the danger of homicides so I had never expected the drug meant to help me was actually what was leading to all my misery and coming so close three times to taking my own life. I am here today only by the grace of God. Then, reports started leaking out that young people were killing themselves on these drugs and drug makers were getting many reports of suicides and homicides but hid them so as not to ruin their profits and the doctors I do not believe knew this link between these drugs and death by suicide or homicide. Then there were reports of some adults also killing themselves when they got on these drugs. These incidences made me angry when I thought of how the drug companies put the lives of people below profits and lead to many people taking their lives as I thought about how close these drugs came to causing me to commit suicide and how close I came to dying. Then I got angry, thinking of all the young people who died needlessly and those who suffered as intensely as I had for years or decades. Of course this reluctance to take drugs makes some doctors very angry and I have been yelled at and treated with hostility for this in doctors’ offices. Then I decided to change overnight to a vegan diet – 50% raw, and started walking or swimming every day, and I noticed a difference. I started feeling happy and singing and my grown kids asked what had happened to me. I felt suddenly like a fog had been lifted and I could think much more clearly and I dropped a good amount of weight. . . . . So yes, I concur these drugs are very dangerous and God’s natural healing modalities are very strong if one gets good nutrition. You can be healed of anything and I advise people to stay away from medical doctors in most cases that are not trauma related and stay far away from drugs for mental problems. We must learn to trust in ourselves and the knowledge that God programmed self healing into each of us if we return to His methods of curing with the foods He gave us. I feel raw foods are the big healers. To heal we need to stop doing the things that hurt us and start adding healthy things to our life and then watch the body and its innate wisdom take over and heal us." ~ Jane H.

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