Give A Gift of Health

Give A Gift of Health

Turns out that Mom was right about chewing your food well! The more you chew, the more nutrients you release - but here's a way to get even more nutrients out of your food.
“Dear Doctor Malkmus, could you give me some Christmas present suggestions for someone who is on The Hallelujah Diet? "I want my present to be something very special, one that will be really appreciated and that will help this person’s health – rather than just another present for which they will say ‘Thank You’ and then put it away in a drawer or closet and forgotten.”

Anyone who has been a subscriber of this Health Tip for any length of time knows that I seldom promote a product — I have never wanted you to think that money was the motive for the Health Tip! My motive in voluntarily spending twenty or more hours of my time each week writing this Health Tip for the past 10-plus years is simple. I have a burning desire to help people, especially God’s people, have bodies that are fit for the Master’s use. My reward for this effort has been the testimonies I receive almost daily from folks who have adopted The Hallelujah Diet. I thoroughly enjoy reading about the health improvements they have experienced as a result of applying the information in the Health Tip. However, the letter above caused me to do a little soul searching. The more I thought about it the more I was convinced that providing some Christmas gift suggestions to help people improve health plays a part in fulfilling the very purpose of this Health Tip. So for the next few weeks, I will offer some Christmas gift suggestions that can help the recipient to improve or maintain their health. Vitamix Turbo VS After a good juicer, the next most important appliance in a nutritionally-minded kitchen is a good blender. Rhonda and I use our Vitamix blender numerous times every day. We make green smoothies each morning and blended salads most every evening, among other uses.

Why Do I Promote The Vitamix Blender Over Others?

Through the years, Rhonda and I have owned a number of different blenders and we find the Vitamix to be the very best. Vitamix has a brand new model, the Vitamix Turboblend VS — and through November 30, Hallelujah Acres is the only place you can get it! There are two features about this blender that makes it stand out from all the rest: the variable 10-speed control and the tamper. The Variable 10-speed control allows you to start out at a very low speed and slowly increase the speed which helps prevent the blades from throwing contents into the air and onto the sides of the container. The tamper allows you to use a minimum amount of liquid while providing a safe way to push ingredients into the blades. Other blenders without a tamper force you to turn off the machine to push the food into the blades or add lots of liquid. In addition, the Turboblend VS includes some wonderful upgrades over the 4500 model that Rhonda and I have been using for the past several years:

  • High performance, new container, new look, with a state-of-the-art 64 oz container made from Eastman Tritan copolyester.
  • Two peak horsepower motor with tip speeds from 11 mph to 240 mph (0 to 26,904 rpm).
  • 64 oz blending container conveniently marked with measurements with a stainless steel wet blade for processing.
  • The machine’s superior power and speed allows it to pulverize whole foods including their skin, seeds, pith, leaves, and fiber.
  • Spill-proof (easy to remove) lid with plug that lets you add food while in use.
  • On/off switch, plus a high switch and a variable speed switch, plus Variable 10-speed control.
  • UL listed with a 5-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • Comes with “Live Fresh” Recipe book with over 200 raw, vegan and vegetarian recipes, Let’s Get Started instructional DVD, plus nut milk bag, and tamper.

Why You Should Blend Your Food

Blending makes more nutrients available – Nutrients are locked within the cells of plant food. In order to release those nutrients, the cell must be broken, which typically happens during chewing. Unless well masticated, however, most nutrients just pass right on through the digestive tract and out of the body without ever being released. Dr. Russell Blaylock tells us that blending will release as much as seven times the nutrients of chewing. Blending is also a wonderful way for people with dentures to masticate their food, as chewing vegetables with dentures can be difficult (believe me, I know). I blend my green smoothie each morning and my vegetable salad each evening. These blended meals (plus 2-3 vegetable juices) provide my body with an abundance of living, raw nutrients each day. Along with daily vigorous physical exercise, blending foods to make more nutrients available has contributed greatly to my having a strong, healthy, muscular, physical body at the age of 76. We have just received three pallets of the all-new Vitamix Turboblend VS — and Hallelujah Acres is the ONLY place you can get them through November 30.

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