Get Rid of Those Unsavory, Unhealthy Habits

Get Rid of Those Unsavory, Unhealthy Habits

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How to Prevent Unsavory, Unhealthy Habits from Developing in Your Family! Have you ever been disgusted by some of the strange habits people have? They have loud, juicy sounding burps; they place their fingers in the most disgusting places searching for some hard to reach item (in their noses); and they create wind at some of the most inopportune times! Other strange annoyances are a constant clearing of the throat, spitting, chronic cough, body odor, saliva that stays at the corners of their mouths, large white balls of mucous forming in the inner corners of their eyes. Ever notice someone with so much white powder on their shoulders, you could have sworn they just came in from a snow storm? (Dandruff, really) Sometimes we can’t really understand our bodies or why they do some of these strange things. However, it is entirely possible that a truly healthy body can easily eliminate strange phenomenon such as those listed above. Our society is so wrought with toxic drinks and foods, we have grown to believe that these are actually “normal”! Wouldn’t it be great if human beings in our country could act and look like civilized human beings? Here are some interesting facts on what a “clean” diet will do for you:
  1. Recently a dentist told us that she rarely ever sees clear saliva anymore. She said that saliva today is always murky and thick due to the sodas, teas, coffees and beverages that are not clear and alkalizing. She mentioned this because she remarked on the clearness of our saliva! Who would have thought a clean diet would do that? We never would have guessed!
  1. We can wake up in the morning and not experience “sleep” in our eyes. Throughout the day, we don’t need to search a mirror to remove those balls of mucous from our eyes that form throughout the day. (Gee, what is white and could cause mucous when consumed?)
  1. We haven’t worn deodorant in many years; yet have no problems giving hugs to people despite our sweat. When you eat no odor causing foods, your body has no odor to emit.
  1. Often times, people wake up and must either blow their noses first thing in the morning, or search for the hard, crusty mucous that lines their noses so they can breathe more fully. Other morning routines include coughing up and spitting out mucous or talking in a hoarse voice.
  1. Another morning routine that can run the family away from you is after you leave the bathroom with your morning bowel movement. The stench of those can be truly excruciating for the rest of the household. The toxins that have been eaten are fermented in that 98.6-degree body for many hours and will develop a horrible aroma that need not happen. A diet rich in vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts cannot create those horrible fumes.
  1. Waking up and stepping out on the floor should bring energy and vitality—not joint aches and muscle pain. There should not be morning stiffness. These are all a direct result of the poor food choices hurting the body.
  1. Seasonal changes should bring new leaves or colored leaves, nothing else. There should be no need for allergy medicines, no asthma medicines or any other prophylactic measures to appease the irritating symptoms. Seasonal allergies are a direct correlation to poor food choices that have reduced the immune system. As Dr. Michael Donaldson so appropriately says, “There should be some reserve in the liver and protection in the gut, to handle a bit of extra assault without causing a reaction to every odor, pollen or food.” When people say they are “allergic” to onions or broccoli, it may well be that their immune system needs to be improved and then they can enjoy these healthy foods.
  1. People who have “clean” diets are also prone to having a slight variation of “normal” in their blood tests. They typically have less white blood cells than those who routinely consume junk food, cooked foods, soft drinks, and generally nutrient-deficient foods. These foods cause an abnormal proliferation of white cells in their blood. Doctors mistakenly think we are immune deficient, when really, we are not creating the daily inflammation as most others who are considered “ordinary”.
  1. Lower blood temperature can potentially mean a connection to hypothyroid disease. However, for those who are clean eaters, it can also mean just another normal day in the life of someone who doesn’t tax their bodies in ways that require a daily response.
Healthy habits produce healthy behaviors. When we start teaching our children healthy eating, we are already beginning the process of preventing those unsavory behaviors that we look away from when we see them in action. It doesn’t have to be that way. Too many people are assuming that those are “normal”. We must continue to show people that “normal” is really healthy, civilized and better for society! Isn’t it amazing how the power of our dinner plate can affect our personal habits? Source:

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