How to Gain Weight In A Healthy Way

How to Gain Weight In A Healthy Way

Although most people focus on how to lose weight, there are some who truly cannot gain weight and are rather slender. Their struggles are real and they prefer not to look as if they are starving and gaunt.

Even our own Reverend Malkmus struggled at times to maintain a healthy weight. He did try many things which helped us create this article. Whether you are elderly or a bit younger, we know of 7 healthy ways you can gain weight.

  1. Consume more healthy fats
    If you are trying to gain weight, you can consume an entire avocado in one day and not feel a bit of guilt. For those of us who must lose a few pounds, we only get to eat a half an avocado a day. Other healthy fats include coconut oil. Strive to get up to 3 Tablespoons of coconut oil in your diet daily. You can add it to your soups, as a salad dressing, as a spread for your bread, in your hot beverage, your smoothies, …there are so many ways to add coconut oil into your diet. Flax oil is another healthy oil (unless you have prostate cancer) to add to your salads, smoothies, soups, and so on. Anyone who has cancer should not be consuming the large amount of oils that we are discussing here.
  2. Eat more cooked food throughout the day
    We generally suggest eating 75-80% of your daily diet uncooked, but for those who are healthy and merely want to add some weight, then, consider consuming an additional amount of cooked food. Whether it is a large baked potato or baked sweet potato, or some wonderful stir fry, or even a healthy pizza, feel free to add a little more to your plate.
  3. Add a smoothie to your mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack
    While it will still be high in nutrition, you can create a smoothie that adds more healthy calories too. Just add a Tablespoon of almond butter and a Tablespoon of coconut butter to your smoothies and you will soon find that you not only increased the flavor, but your weight will increase as well.
  4. Make sure you are having a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack
    We mentioned earlier to have a smoothie during these snack times and how to enrich them with quality ingredients. Other snack items may include an avocado sandwich on healthy bread, celery with cashew nut butter, pitted medjoole dates with coconut butter and one almond inside of each date. This is Paul’s favorite snack. He can use those extra calories. Nuts and seeds will also add great nutrients and much needed calories. If you feel full quickly, then you may need to eat as often as five or six times a day, since your food intake will be less.
  5. Be careful not to drink too close to any of your meals, and of course never drink with a meal. If you want to get the most from your meals, you cannot fill your stomach with fluids just before eating.
  6. Add some of the higher caloric fruit to your morning
    Variety is always best, but instead of sticking to the least calorie fruits, feel free to enjoy the lovely cantaloupe, the banana and even the papaya and pineapple. They are rich in living enzymes and vitamins, and these in particular will have the awesome ability to “stick to your ribs!”
  7. Finally, although this isn’t about food, Reverend Malkmus gained several inches around his arms, legs and torso by lifting weights and by using something called a Fit 10. If you don’t have weights or a Fit 10, then go find a 2-pound water bottle and start lifting it. You might find a can of vegetables would work also. By raising and lowering it 15 times twice a day, you will soon find that those muscles that likely haven’t been used in a while will begin to develop and although you will never look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, the muscles that you develop will be solid and add weight to you.

As important as it is to maintain a healthy weight, we have seen many people make poor choices in their endeavor to gain a few pounds. If you would consider adding a few of these ideas into your daily life, we are certain you will gain the needed weight without any additional health problems.

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