From The Mailbag: What Caused George Steinbrenner’s Death?

From The Mailbag: What Caused George Steinbrenner’s Death?

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The very day I read of the New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner’s death due to a massive heart attack, I received the following letter from Wilson:
“George, I began to be interested in the importance of good nutrition in order to obtain good health way back in 1948 while listening to Carlton Fredricks on the radio, when he told how the beautiful wheat seed was mutilated to make white poison bread. Then Jo Willard got me into the American Natural Hygiene society and I became a Lifetime member. Well, as a result of adopting a plant based diet over 62 years ago, I am still at age 88 experiencing great health and enjoying helping folks get into health and nutrition. Some of my first converts were my own mom and dad who lived to almost 102 years because of their making a diet change. What fun that was getting my own parents converted. I want you to know that you and your wife Rhonda are doing a wonderful job. Keep up the good work. Wilson B.
Just a few minutes after receiving the above letter from Wilson, telling how his parents extended their lives by consuming a plant based diet, and sharing how well he was doing physically at age 88, the following news article came across my computer’s screen:
“Yankees owner George Steinbrenner dies at 80… He had just celebrated his 80th birthday July 4. Steinbrenner had a heart attackand died at about 6:30 a.m. on July 13, 2010Steinbrenner was in fragile health for yearsSteinbrenner had fainted at a memorial service for NFL star Otto Graham in 2003, appeared weak in 2006Still, the former Big Ten football coach took umbrage when others questioned his fitness. ‘No I did not have a stroke, I am not ill. I work out daily’ Steinbrenner said in 2006. ‘I’d like to see people who are saying that to come down here and do the workout that I do.’”
WHAT CAUSED GEORGE STEINBRENNER’S DEATH? The answer to that question is an easy one. It is the same thing that caused my dad’s death after experiencing a massive heart attack, and it is the same thing that causes half of all deaths in America. The culprit also causes high blood pressure, the need for stents and by-pass surgeries and most strokes. And just what is it that causes all of the above physical problems and early and untimely deaths? Animal fat. Are you aware that the average 4-year-old that is fed meat and cow milk, both of which contain animal fat, already has fat build up in their arteries? Are you aware autopsies on 19-year-old soldiers who died during the Vietnam war, showed they already had 50% blockage of their arteries? Every time a person has a steak or hamburger or eats chicken nuggets or any other animal flesh or dairy, they are adding to the fat build-up in their arteries, which will eventually kill 50% of them. May the death of George Steinbrenner be a warning to all who consume animal sourced foods, both flesh and dairy, as they both contain animal fat. Let Wilson’s letter above be a source of encouragement to convert to a plant based diet so that you can eliminate the fear of ending your life with a massive heart attack or stroke. The Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle contains absolutely no animal fat, but rather helps clean out previous build-up of fat in the arteries, while at the same time building up the heart and making it stronger through exercise. Only God knows how many massive heart attacks and strokes have been prevented because someone adopted The Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle. I ate the same fat laden animal flesh and drank the same fat laden dairy growing up as my dad did. Dad died of a massive heart attack at age 65. I stopped consuming all fat laden animal products at age 42 and have thus far outlived my dad by 11 years. God says in Galatians 6:7: “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” And in Hosea 4:6 we read: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge.” Knowledge is power, but only if you apply that knowledge!

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