Are Friends Sabotaging Health Goals

Are Your Friends Sabotaging Your Goals to Balance Your Hormones?

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Good relationships with friends make life fun, and many women see the need to maintain close friendships with neighbors and other women in their lives. It is important to note how these friendships are influencing your daily habits and decisions though, because the influence of your friends can have an overall effect on your health and wellness. If you are striving to balance your hormones, then you need to consider whether or not your friends are supporting these lifestyle goals. Here are a few ways that your friends might be unintentionally sabotaging your efforts:

Food and Treats

When a bad day happens, a good friend might rush to your rescue with a carton of ice cream to soothe the emotional pain. But, unhealthy foods will cause problems with hormone balancing, so your friend’s good intentions could lead to even more problems for you to deal with. Another way that it is hard to maintain a hormone-balancing diet is when you are out to dinner with friends. If everyone in the group is making an unhealthy choice for their meal, then you might feel justified in choosing an unhealthy meal as well. If you are visiting a friend, attending a party, or participating in any other type of social activity. Consider the benefits of bringing a healthy dish to share. We have a variety of healthy recipes here on our website, including holiday dishes and desserts that will be crowd pleasers.

Stress Levels

Are you always getting caught up in the drama and the neighborhood gossip? Even though these conversations might seem harmless, they could potentially increase your stress levels which can impact your hormones. If you are proactively working to balance hormone levels, then you need to be sure that you are reducing stress levels as much as possible.

Supplements and Health Support

Don’t be embarrassed about talking with your friends about the supplements and health products that you are using. These products, such as the Luminology supplements, can be very beneficial to help with your hormone balancing efforts. Some women hesitate to talk with their friends about health products they are taking, and might feel shy to take the pills when other people are around.

Talking with Your Friends

The best thing that you can do is explain your health goals to your close friends, and ask for their support in your efforts. When you share these goals with the people that you love, these people can turn into a support group to help with your efforts.

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