Flashback: Evangelist J.C. House

Flashback: Evangelist J.C. House

Evangelist and Doctor of Divinity J. C. House wrote the following in the forward to Rev. Malkmus’ book God’s Way to Ultimate Health, first published in 1995. The book is available on the web or by calling800-915-9355. Next week, I will share Dr. House’s testimony, in which he relates how he recovered from throat cancer following the adaptation of The Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle. You won’t want to miss reading this exciting testimony. In the divine providence of God, there are times in life when a person appears on the scene and it seems as if that person was ‘called into the Kingdom for such a time as this.’ That individual then has such an impact in certain areas of life, that things are never the same again. I believe Rev. George Malkmus is that kind of an individual in the field of Biblical Nutrition. His premise, ‘YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE SICK’ is more than a premise. It’s a promise. George Malkmus does not teach theory... He teaches fact, based on Bible truth and 19 years of research and personal experience. Rev. Malkmus’ personal experience is that he switched to the diet he now advocates 19 years ago and healed himself of colon cancer and several other problems, ranging from high blood pressure to hemorrhoids. On this diet, Rev. Malkmus has enjoyed outstanding health, free of illnesses for the past 19 years. George Malkmus’ writings have circled the globe; his lectures on ‘How to Eliminate Sickness’ have been heard by thousands; and his quarterly publication, Back to the Garden (now called the Hallelujah Acres Health News), is going into more than 34,000 homes at this time, and growing rapidly. Countless Testimonies are on file sharing remarkable recoveries from all types of illnesses. This book, God’s Way to Ultimate Health, is the most complete treatise on the subject of Biblical Nutrition I have had the privilege of reading. I consider it must reading for any concerned person in today’s society. We live in a day when the masses are sick – when a so-called National Health Care Plan is a paramount issue among politicians on the national level – when individuals often find themselves bankrupt after illnesses and hospitalizations – and when businesses find it necessary to completely restructure financially because of rising health care costs. “The answer to it all is found in this book. George Malkmus presents a simple, inexpensive, Bible-based plan to good health and longevity that is absolutely profound in its simplicity. George Malkmus stands alone in the field of Bible Nutrition. I personally shall be eternally grateful for the truths that he shared with me that changed my life forever in the area of health. Read this book, put it to practice and benefit from its truths. Dr. J. C. House, Evangelist Joshua, Texas March 1995

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