FINAL "God's Way" Seminar To Be Held In Charlotte

FINAL "God's Way" Seminar To Be Held In Charlotte

For the past 22 years of my life, I have been delivering either my “How to Eliminate Sickness” or “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” seminars in almost every state in the United States, all Canadian provinces, and the six largest cities of both Australia and South Africa. In order to do this, I have travelled hundreds of thousands of miles by plane and automobile, slept in hotels and motels around the world, and had to eat foods that were not always the best for my body. On February 12, 2015 I will celebrate my 81st birthday and I feel it is about time I stopped all this travel, sleeping in strange beds, and being forced to eat things that were not in keeping with my diet and lifestyle. I’m not stopping because I am tired of sharing the Health Message and helping people, or because of failing health, but I am stopping because I am finally tired of the many hours on the road traveling to the seminar locations, and not having available the foods that keep me strong and healthy. My upcoming seminar in Charlotte, North Carolina on November 1 will be my last seminar unless God says otherwise. The location of this last seminar is the Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel, 3315 Scott Futrell Drive. The seminar will begin at 10:00 a.m. Rhonda will be with me. The hotel has an airport shuttle for those who would like to fly in. Each family attending the seminars will receive a free copy of the beautiful 32-page full color magazine “Living the Hallelujah Diet”. This publication contains all the information needed to understand why a diet change is necessary if a person desires to improve their health as well as how to accomplish that improvement. In addition to the free seminar and free publication, at the conclusion of the seminar a drawing will be held for free books (two of them being Rhonda’s new “Rhonda’s Culinary Creations” recipe book, and my latest “God’s Original Diet” book), and then a question and answer session will be conducted. In this Q&A session, folks in the audience will have opportunity to ask Rev. Malkmus questions. I will continue to be active in the ministry and to write my weekly electronic “Health Tip” which I have been writing for the past 17 years. In fact, the issue you are currently reading is consecutive issue #884. My son Paul who has been with me since 1997 is now President of Hallelujah Acres and he and his wife Ann will be available for future seminars.

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