Eye-opening Webinar by Dr. Thomas Levy, MD, JD

Eye-opening Webinar by Dr. Thomas Levy, MD, JD

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What do you get when the author of these books comes to give a webinar?

  • Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins
  • Death by Calcium
  • Magnesium: Reversing Disease
  • Rapid Virus Recovery

You get an hour of eye-opening, mind-expanding, deeply thought-out concepts that help you understand health and disease. In this hour Dr. Levy addresses all these topics in a way that is organized and accessible. Entertaining? Not so much, but very educational. Dry? Not at all. Dr. Levy moves right along and keeps your attention so that you might not even realize time is passing.

If you have wondered how to integrate an understanding of the disease process and how to reverse it with practical steps, you can listen in to Dr. Levy explain it clearly.

Dr. Levy reveals the cause of all disease. Listen to him explain how this process is at the heart of all diseases. Then Dr. Levy gives practical ways to reverse this process.

There are 4 main foundational supplements to help reverse the disease process. The depletion of one of these makes all diseases worse. Each of these 4 nutrients by themselves has demonstrated the ability to lower deaths by all causes in people.

Dr. Levy addressed hormone balancing. How do you know if your thyroid hormone levels are right? What should you test? Dr. Levy talked about looking at the right amount of thyroid activity not just for the thyroid, but for the whole body, to help regulate metabolism of every cell.

Dr. Levy addressed chronic pathogen colonization, especially in the aerodigestive tract. How do these infections hang on? How come antibiotics can’t seem to rid us of these life-long infections? And what do these infections in our sinuses, tonsils, and throat have to do with leaky gut and chronic poor digestion?

Dr. Levy revealed nature’s ideal anti-pathogen. It is stable and non-toxic when used properly, it destroys all pathogens, already naturally occurs in the body, is so small that it passes through cell membranes, and it is cheap and readily available worldwide. Pathogens do not grow resistant to its actions. Cheaper than vitamin C. A $1 bottle can treat 100 people for respiratory infections.

In this webinar listen to Dr. Levy tell you how to “chop the head off of the viral snake” with a particular method of applying this ideal anti-pathogen.

You don’t have to wait to hear this life-saving information. Listen now. Pass this valuable webinar on to others who need to know as well. Dr. Levy is not a crazy-sounding, fast-talking radio talk show host that is trying to get you to buy his supplements. All his statements are thoroughly backed up by scientific studies and publications. He is the real deal and anyone can listen to him and learn a bit more, maybe a lot more.

The links to download a free copy of Dr. Levy’s latest two books are at the end of the webinar. Listen to Dr. Levy and be empowered to be free.

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