Encouragement from Around the Globe

Encouragement from Around the Globe

Refined Addictions Reading Encouragement from Around the Globe 3 minutes Next 60 Days To Reclaim Your Health Update
I receive so many emails from old friends and new acquaintances on a regular basis and thought it might be of interest to our readers to read just a few of the emails I received this past week.
“George, I have been so very blessed by your health ministry for the past 14 years and I thank you so much for your faithfulness to God’s call. I just wanted to share something that has rocketed my understanding of just how bad and how secretively invasive refined sugar has become in the SAD. I recently have been reading the book, Sugar Blues. Wow! It should be required reading by everyone on planet earth. There would be no health care crisis if everyone would apply this information to their lives. Keep on sharing God’s Health Message. God bless you abundantly.” Steve H.
“Dear Dr. Malkmus: Thank you for all your great work and for The Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle. I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in my lower colon-rectal area. After refusing all medical treatments and following the Hallelujah Acres Diet for just three months, my symptoms are rapidly abating, I am feeling so much better, and I can’t believe how greatly my energy has increased. Bless you from me, my wife and my children.” Paul G.
“Hi Dear George, We will remain here in Yokohama, Japan, God willing, until the end of October. I am still the lone ranger in my family as far as diet and lifestyle are concerned. But I am sharing the information with others here in Japan. I recently shared the Hallelujah Acres DVD, The Miraculous Self-Healing Body, with a medical doctor in the church we attend as well as a chiropractor in the church, and told them of all the wonderful results people are getting on the Hallelujah Diet – including my own testimony of no pain after surgery, able to breast feed my adopted son, and after a bad ankle sprain I was able to jog three days later and go downhill skiing just ten days later. Another incredible rapid healing event was after a cat bit through my thumb – and I was able to knit just five days later. God bless you.” Health Minister Monika H., Yokohama, Japan
“Dear Dr. Malkmus, I am from Malaysia and will be visiting the United States of America in two weeks time. I intend to travel to North Carolina and attend your ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health’ seminar on Saturday, June 5th. Can you kindly book 5 places for me and my family? We would also like to participate in the afternoon session ‘Where Do I Go from Here’. Thank you and God bless.” Evan Chang, Malaysia
“I love your website and how easy you have made it for people to make copies of Rhonda’s delicious recipes. Congratulations to you both and to whoever designed your new website. Keep up the good work. Blessings!” Louis F.

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