Eat Your Way Out of Toxic EMF’s

Eat Your Way Out of Toxic EMF’s

When you think of electromagnetic radiation, you probably think of nuclear weapons, X-rays, power lines, CT Scans and flying on airplanes. While all of those are indeed sources of electromagnetic radiation, and definitely have a negative impact on your health, they may not be the daily exposure culprits that bring your vibrant health to an end. How much time do you spend on your computer each day? How much time do you spend on your cell phone? Watch much TV? Do you own a cordless phone? How about fluorescent lights? Do you use a microwave oven? Most people don’t give it much thought, but the more they spend in the above activities or under those lights, the more likely they are jeopardizing their long-term health. Those hidden hazards are right under your nose! EMF’s wreak havoc on the body. These fields can induce brain fog, forgetfulness, anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue. Other health disorders that they can cause include: cancer, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, hair loss, muscle and heart impairment, blurred vision, increased cholesterol, erratic heartbeat, sleep disorders, miscarriage, thyroid malfunction, loss of energy, decreased libido, nausea, poor concentration, eye problems, respiratory issues, tinnitus, and aneurysms. How do they do it? Electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices passes through the body, causing immediate DNA damage and the formation of harmful free radicals. Completely avoiding electromagnetic radiation is impossible in today’s world. Yet minimizing exposure will lessen the damaging impact on health. The first thing to do is to turn off and unplug when not in use—especially in the home. Fully charging laptops and then unplugging them is a great idea. The same with phones. If the phone or computer need to be connected to a power source, make sure those areas are located far from where you are sitting or sleeping. Whether you have a cell phone or a cordless phone, keep it away from the body. Use the Speaker mode as often as possible. If this isn’t possible, use a tube headset.

Fortify to Prevent and Repair Damage

It is important to consume certain foods that have the right nutritional content to assist your body as it tries to prevent further damage as well as repairs the already damaged cells. Here is a list of nutrients that are essential in protecting your body from EMF’s:


You will need to replenish Iodine daily. Sea vegetables are an excellent source or just ingesting a few drops daily.

Vitamin D3-K2

May be extra beneficial for those with electro-sensitivity. While the sunshine can be a great source, there are many variables such as skin type, cloud covering, etc. that may require supplementation.

Chlorophyll-rich foods

Can neutralize radiation and mercury-related conditions in the body and remove poisonous substances including cadmium, dioxins and PCB’s. Chlorella can also detoxify uranium, lead and copper. Foods rich in chlorophyll include leafy greens, barley grass, celery, parsley, bean sprouts and wheat grass.


A flavonoid found in the spice, turmeric, is not only a potent antioxidant and anti-cancer food, but may also aid in DNA repair.

B-Complex Vitamins

Recommended for neuropathy, and may protect against excitoxicity, brain shrinkage and dementia according to Dr. Russell Blaylock.


Has a neuro-protective effect on the brain. It is also an important free radical scavenger and is important for cancer prevention.

Tulsi (Holy Basil)

Heavy metal detoxifier and chelator

Coconut oil and Olive oil

Studies done on mice have found the lipids in the oils bind the toxins and help pull the radiation out. They also offer a protective layer on cellular membranes.


Some studies suggest that microwaves cause reduction in Glutathione levels, a powerful free radical scavenger, which can help repair damaged DNA, activate other antioxidants and help chelate mercury.


May play an important role in the synthesis of glutathione, proteins, and enzymes, detoxification, vitamin conversion and many other functions. May also help in the elimination of toxic aluminum. Include foods such as garlic, onions, leeks, shallots and chives.


Can be naturally obtained through brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, garlic and barley, is a heavy metal chelator (e.g. for mercury) and antioxidant. Use in moderation.


Helps preserve levels of anti-oxidants in the blood and protects cell membranes

Pectin rich foods

Pectin is found in the cell walls of plants and fruits. According to “Fighting Radiation and Chemical Pollutants with Foods, Herbs and Vitamins,” pectin has the ability to bind radioactive residues and remove them from the body. Pectin acts as a natural chelating agent. Apples, plums, guava, oranges, and other citrus fruits are high in pectin. Try to get only organic. Pectin powder can also be taken as a supplement.

If you have been lackadaisical in taking your daily supplements or keeping your daily food intake high in nutrients, just remember, that your body is always being exposed to EMF’s and without constant introduction of quality nutrition, it won’t take long for those free radicals to create damage within your body.

Other Considerations

Amalgam Fillings

EMF exposure may result in greater release of mercury from the fillings, and metals in the body may result in increased RF energy exposure. Replacing silver fillings with white plastic fillings, when done properly, has been reported to help some individuals in recovering from symptoms.

Metal Objects

The presence of metal implants within tissue may result in excess heating due to increased RF energy absorption. Thus, it is advisable in high microwave environments to minimize use of metal implants, metal-rimmed eyeglasses, metal wires in orthodontic braces and mouthguards, metal crowns/bridges/fillings, as well as the wearing of metallic objects such as metal belts and jewelry (Just look at what happens in the airport screening area). You may also want to avoid coils in mattresses, e.g., try an organic mattress or futon mattress— one that is free of dangerous flame retardants -- wool or organic latex may in some cases be a good option.


Exercise can impact the brain in beneficial ways, including stimulation of new brain cell production in the area of the brain important for learning and memory. As if you didn’t need another reason to exercise.

Recommendation: Exercising at least 30 minutes a day 4 days a week is recommended. You may want to avoid excessive, vigorous exercise, however, as that may increase free radical load. Strength-training, such as with the use of resistance bands, may be a helpful form of exercise. Although you can’t escape electro-magnetic radiation, you can be mindful of how you are being exposed, find ways to minimize exposure, and prepare your body to deal with it by consuming foods that are highest in the nutrients that eliminate them and repair their damage. Don’t forget to exercise too! Simple ways to get the best out of a toxic world!

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