Ease Your Mind With Magnesium

Ease Your Mind With Magnesium

You already know that proper nutrition is fundamental to physical health, but few people truly understand what a dramatic impact diet also has on the mind — especially when you’re stressed. And one of the most important considerations for a stress-busting diet is getting enough magnesium. Studies now prove that magnesium provides enormous mental health benefits as well and that deficiency is directly linked to high rates of depression, anxiety, and insomnia. The reason? Magnesium provides fuel for the brain, promoting muscle relaxation, proper adrenal function, and healthy nervous system balance. It is also linked to the production of serotonin, making it an essential element for managing stress. It’s no wonder magnesium has proven powerful in combating panic attacks and addressing issues related to memory, concentration, nervousness, apprehension, and anger. So why does magnesium remain so low on most people’s radar? Part of the problem is a lack of proper testing. Routine blood tests are unable to correctly identify deficiency because only 1% of magnesium circulates in the blood. The other 99% is locked inside your cells. Adding to the problem is that magnesium is inexpensive and available without a prescription, which means it is far less lucrative and generates very little money in the field of research. Consequently, magnesium deficiency is rarely diagnosed, despite the fact that researchers believe 70-80% of the population is, in fact, deficient. However, the right foods can supply more than enough magnesium. The Hallelujah Diet, for example, packs a major magnesium punch! It’s one of the prominent minerals in BarleyMax, plus, it’s in many of the most common foods on The Hallelujah Diet — dark leafy greens, beans, nuts, bananas, avocados, broccoli, and even dates. Incidentally, Hallelujah Acres has tested many people on The Hallelujah Diet and found their magnesium levels to be adequate. Pair these mega-magnesium foods with an active, God-centered lifestyle, and you’ll be serving up more than just mouth-watering meals; you’ll be treating yourself to a surefire solution to strong mental health! How do you cope with anxiety? Comment below!

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